Monday, December 10, 2012

possibilities for a Princess bedroom

Princess has repeatedly told me how much she wants a princess bedroom, and she has found this picture in a ToysRUs catalogue to demonstrate how it should look:

via  I can't find a picture of the full room online, but it is a riot of Disney princess curtains, princess rug, princess chair, princess wallpaper, and crowned with that canopy bed.  *Shudder*

I am open to redecorating her room, since she seems to be supremely offended by the monkeys in her curtains (I doan wike da monkeys, Mama!).  But I'd prefer to avoid a heavily "themed" room.

I tend to like saturated, bright jewel tones, especially for kids rooms.  It seems like most "princess" stuff is pastel pink or lavender. (Blarg.)  Currently I am thinking of something along these lines:

The pink splatter painting is currently residing in Princess's bedroom already. Instead of a Disneyfied bed, I'd like to find a canopy like this one from Pottery Barn Kids (but hopefully way cheaper) to hang over the head of Princess's bed.  The pink duvet with dancing ladies on it seems fancy and princess-y without being too sickly pastel.  Lastly, Princess likes purple, so the darker purple curtains also help cut the sweetness factor.  One can hope, anyways; I feel like this room might be still a bit too sweet.

If you have an idea for a princess bedroom that does not involve a Disney character, I am all ears.  


  1. Oh the Princess battle rages on (at least in your house, not so much in mine anymore). I like all your selections, but does SHE? Etsy might have a more reasonable canopy..... or an idea of how to DIY your own. And if she is immoveable on the Disney princesses, could you just do a pillow or a doll for the bed?

  2. You could try to channel her princess energy into having her decorate her own supercool princess doll house/castle. And put a small canopy around that where she can play. And then get her some theme-tastic pajamas and call it good.

    I've got nothing against princesses per se - but the thing is, sometimes girls suddenly get over the whole princess thing around age 5-6. Then what does one do with all of the tacky themed decor nobody was ever really crazy about in the first place?

  3. have you guys read The Paperbag Princess? great book. not sure it helps with your decorating dilemma though...

  4. one suggestion- if she has a favorite Disney princess, maybe watch the movie (or search the web) for a look at the actual bedroom of that princess? they tend to be rather basic and not covered with pink and princess faces so you could give your daughter Ariel's actual bedroom rather than a bedroom with Ariel's face all over it.

  5. How about the canopy/net from Ikea?

  6. Could you steer her towards graphic pink bedding (Chevron or Lattice design) instead of dancing ladies? That would cut down on the sweetness if she would go for it. - Brandy


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