Friday, May 6, 2016

Pink pillows

Since moving all the pink stuff into the living room, I've been window shopping for pink pillows for the sofa.  Sadly, it appears that I like really expensive fabrics.  (Not really a surprise.)(Hence the window part of the shopping.)

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I recently bought a pair of these pillows from Amazon, but I would not recommend them. The ad on Amazon looks like this:

but the actual pillow cover is a garish neon pink, stamped-on, fuzzy polyester-ish material.  It looks cheap and tacky, and I am returning them.

Of the pillows I am considering in the list above, I really like the otomi-inspired pillow from

However, I am afraid that the zazzle pillow will be another stamped on cheap tacky pillow.

My other favorite is the number 14 Manuel Canovas Voyage en Chine:

I really love this fabric, expensive.  Also, expensive comes with a white back and no piping.  I have looked around, but the cost of getting a patterned back and piping really drives the cost of this pillow through the roof.  Sad face.

I have thought of making my own pillows, as I would really like just a plain pink pillow with a ribbon frame, like so (but not coral):

I can make pillows with an envelope closure, but zippers are beyond my skill set (and I don't own a zipper foot).

I have been looking for weeks for a plain pink pillow where I can just add the ribbon frame, but no dice.  Blush pink is very popular this year, as is coral, but a pinky-pink that is not bubble-gum or covered in butterflies is difficult to find.

Here are some possible combination of pillow (that might work with what I already own):

In the top row, I already own a similar pink houndstooth and the navy chevron.  In the bottom row, I also have the Ikea black and white Lappljung.  (The blue pompom pillow is from Target.)

Seen any beautiful inexpensive pink pillows lately?