Friday, November 10, 2017

T's bedroom

Many moons ago I put together a mood board for T's bedroom, which looked like this:

The finished room looks absolutely nothing like that.  The only thing from that moodboard we used were the pink lamps we already owned.

T and I looked through what remains of my fabric collection, which is pretty limited since the moving purge.  T picked out this Pottery Barn Paradise fabric.

 Back story: I once saw this fabric as a Pottery Barn duvet on an Apartment Therapy article, and in the picture it was a bright yellow.  I stalked ebay and craigslist looking for this duvet and finally tracked it down.  When it showed up, the color was very mustardy, not bright yellow.  I ripped the duvet apart and used it as curtains, then decided it was just not what I was hoping it to be, and put it away for years.  I'm happy T liked it, as I think it works really well in her room.

I recovered her headboard.

Since her windows already have pull up shades and window/furniture placement makes long curtains inadvisable, I made two pelmet boxes a la Jenny Komenda out of foam core board. 

I added a purple quilt, shopped the basement for art, shuffled some Malm dressers out of other rooms, bought a neutral shag rug and a panda head, and voila, new room.

great white balancing on these photos! Nothing but the best for my blog. 

pretend the art doesn't look crooked

different white balancing ftw

Someday, if my arms ever work again, I will repaint her bedroom (and the rest of the house) with a fresher white, and paint the trim.