Monday, June 25, 2012

bedroom switcheroo: Pottery Barn duvet curtains that I won't be using

This weekend we had a big design switcheroo in the bedroom.  In fact, this weekend was ALL DESIGN ALL THE TIME.  There was not a room that didn't get touched.  The Mister loves these weekends where I make him work from dawn till dusk, moving furniture around.

Right.  We'll start with the master bedroom.  I sat down with the Pottery Barn Paradise Tropical duvet, and spent two and a half hours ripping out the seams.  Its a good thing I wasn't born in 1820, because daintily ripping out seams for hours gave me a headache. Remember when I ripped open the seams of the West Elm duvet to make the striped curtains and I ripped an eight inch gash four feet long into the fabric?  I was trying to avoid that this time.

I didn't bother hemming the unfinished sides; I just folded each panel in half and hung them with curtain rings.

I moved the honeycomb mirror from the foyer upstairs and hung it over my dresser.

I also moved the Klimt from the hallway into the bedroom. The colors match really well with the duvet/curtains, and the frame matches the finish on the mirror.  Which is funny, since I bought the Klimt ten years ago.  I guess you like what you like and you keep buying that stuff over and over, eh?

However, the Mister said "I don't love it."  Then he said "its fuddy-duddy.  And dark."

The Mister does not often complain, so when he does, I listen.  If he doesn't like it, then we'll just have to do something else.

I suggested perhaps we take the other Pottery Barn Woodland Organic duvet and turn that into curtains--its bright, cheery and colorful.  The Mister inquired how many duvets had to die before I will be satisfied.  Then I made him move some more extra-heavy furniture. The End.

That's not really the end, but there's so much more I'll put the other stuff in separate posts.



  1. i actually really love the curtains! i think the woodland ones would look great, too and make it a little funkier/younger so just depends on the look you want... or that the mister wants. your story telling cracked me up.

  2. Love the duvet as curtains! It adds a great pop of color to that side of the room.


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