Tuesday, June 26, 2012

art switcheroo

While moving everything around this weekend, I also moved the art.  The Klimt in the hallway went in our bedroom, and the the chiang mai dragon formerly of my bedroom went in the hallway.

The honeycomb mirror from the foyer went in our bedroom.  I love this mirror so much. I think it looks fantastic everywhere.  It looks great in my bedroom.

The budget currently demands that decorating be cheap or free, so I hunted around in the garage for some art.  I love our Botero painting, so I hung it in the foyer.

I love this painting, and all of Botero's work. I have four postcard sized prints of his other work in our hallway.  But I will admit that this painting seems to engender strong reactions from people.  Some people come to your house and say "oh!  There is a.....woman....and she is....naked? With a large posterior?  In your foyer? How....(crickets chirping)....different."

Haters gonna hate, I guess.

However, while I normally enjoy a good contrast in styles and finishes, here the modern frame against the traditional lionhead hardware is not doing it for me.  I loved how the honeycomb mirror looked over this dresser, and thus the honeycomb mirror is going back in the foyer where it started.

Next plan....the Botero will take a sojourn in my bedroom, which is an entirely appropriate place for naked women.  

How do you feel about having two different mirrors in your foyer?  Perhaps mirrors that are hung directly across from each other?

I am in love with the Ung Drill mirror from Ikea, which I want to spray paint yellow and hang over the shoe cubby.

This would mean that the Ung mirror would hang directly opposite the honeycomb mirror.  Is that...weird? Breaking a feng shui rule?  Looks terrible? Or is it totally awesome and you all have dueling mirrors in your foyer too?


  1. I LOVE how the colors in the Chiang Mai play off the orange curtains in the bedroom. I like the idea of the 2 mirrors opposite each other.

  2. The two mirrors are too similiar, I think. They are also both showstoppers--so there will be a definite fight for pulling focus.

    Love the Dragon outside the bedroom--but it would look good anywhere in your home. It's your defining statement.

    Fun to see the changes, working or not.

  3. "Haters gonna hate, I guess." LOL. I hate when people offer their incorrect opinions. ;)

    I feel good about 2 different mirrors in an entryway - directly across from each other is fine. Would be less ok if they were, say, on either side of the front door where more symmetry would be required.

  4. I think that as much as I like the Ung Drill, I'll have to find a different place for it. Perhaps that's a good place to put a piece of Etsy art I've been admiring for a while.


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