Wednesday, June 20, 2012

changing the color of cloth bins

In our playroom, we have sixteen green cloth bins, and four brown bins that hold our toys.  They are essentially cheap cloth wrapped around cardboard.  I would not describe them as sturdy, but they have held up ok, I guess.  (A ringing endorsement, this is not.)

When I bought the Janette curtains for the dining room, I was thrilled that the iinexpensive curtains had the navy blue and green colors I needed to work with in the playroom and dining room.

Except....I jumped the gun a little, because the green of the curtains is a very yellow-chartreuse-y type green, which clashes horribly with the springy-apple green of the bins.  

Before I replace sixteen bins at $8 apiece, I'm wondering how I can change the color of the bins I already have. Since the bins are cardboard, they won't take well to being submerged in liquid dye.

I could spraypaint them navy, but since they are cloth bins that my kids handle roughly on a daily basis, I'm not thrilled with this option.

Has anyone used spray fabric paint? Or made your own spray fabric paint?  Can I spray paint sixteen bins for under $20?  Tell me your experiences with painting fabric, if you please.  


  1. Good luck with that. I'm sure someone out there has an awesome solution, but that someone isn't me;)

  2. What about trimming down a fabric you like and gluing it on with fabric glue or iron on tape? You could do it on one of the sides without a handle? Or what about skirting the whole cabinet (with Velcro on the front that you can take down the skirtwhen they are playing) the way you did with the shoe cabinet? Or maybe picking up the ikea sliding door rail and staining or painting a piece of wood cut to size? Then you could replace just a few baskets and have the rest hidden behind the sliding panel?


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