Sunday, June 24, 2012

fancy movie theaters

For the second time in seven years, the Mister and I saw a move in the theater (the other time was a Harry Potter movie). Movie theaters have changed in the seven years we haven't been going.  This movie theater was awesome.  It had recliners, and waiter service.  I had delicious mini-hamburgers sitting my recliner, and chocolate cake.

Here I am with my feet propped up, eating cake, watching Rock of Ages:

The inside of the theater looked like this:

There's a little button on the side where you can call for waiter service to bring you another cocktail, and another button to make the seat recline all the way back.  They have an enormous menu, too.

Rock of Ages was pretty good too--it was certainly a soundtrack of my teenage years.  My one complaint: the heroine was named Sherri, the movie featured pretty much every Journey song ever recorded, but NOT the song Sherry.  ???

I'm going to take the kid to see Brave this week, but we will be going to the cheap regular movie theater.  


  1. That is one amazing theater! Our local movie palace doesn't even have stadium seating. That might be why we have seen 1 movie in the last year.

  2. Wow. At our movie theatres, it is still possible to be kicked by the person sitting behind you. I've been in a movie theatre just twice this year.

  3. We've got some places sort of like this in Portland--but not as schwanky. They are second-run movie houses and don't have waiters--but comfortable seats and food/drink. We love them. Because they are second-run movies, the tickets are way cheaper. We can actually have a date for $20.

  4. Just fyi "Sherry" is not a Journey song, it's a Steve Perry song from when he went solo and broke away from the group. Journey retained the rights to everything he wrote while in the band, that he wrote after about a girl he wanted to date. :)


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