Friday, June 8, 2012

15th Annual Spaghetti dinner

Many, many moons ago, I got to talking with my Aunt P, who makes a delicious spaghetti sauce. We worked out a plan to make some spaghetti sauce, invite all of my female relatives (of which there are legion), and have a wee party.

Unbeknownst to me, I planned the original party for Superbowl Sunday.  My roommates, who had planned on having a wild Superbowl party, were infuriated.  We compromised, I holding my party in the afternoon, they holding their party in the evening.  My aunties showed up with tables and chairs, we had a lovely time, they washed all the dishes and cleaned up my house, and disappeared just in time for the kegger to start.

We've had this party every year since. (See that little girl in the bottom right corner of the above picture of the first party? She is off to college in the fall.)  My aunt makes enormous vats of sauce.  We converge on somebody's house with pasta and garlic bread and salad and many many desserts.  This year was at my sister's Sarah's house.  I flew home for the weekend to attend.

We put the pregnant woman and the children in a cage, cuz that's how we roll.

Got to see my sisters.

And my grandma.

But I was happy to get home to my babies.

No training wheels!


  1. Oh man! That is such a cool thing. It actually makes me wish I had a big, close family.

  2. A- My grass looks like crap in that picture! Does it look that bad in real life?

    B- So happy you came back for it.

    C- OH MY GOD HE IS NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR NO TRAINING WHEELS!!! Eek...I need to see them all again before they turn 20 overnight...

  3. Oh my goodness, that's such a great photo of you and Grandmom! Nice post :)


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