Wednesday, June 1, 2016

pink and blue living room

 Since moving all the red stuff upstairs and all the pink stuff downstairs, I've actually been quite happy with the living room and dining room. I seem to be obsessing over pink lately.

I repainted some of the starburst painting with more pink and blues.  I covered over the more jewel-toned reds and oranges.

The pink lamps that were such a failure in the master bedroom go quite nicely with the painting.

I had no idea it would be so hard to find pink pillows and lamps.  Of the eleventy-million pillows I have tried, I've kept only this Remi pillow from Pottery Barn.

In a fortuitous turn of events, I found these gray ottomans in a local consignment shop. I donated the peeling brown ottomans.

I moved some of the art around.  I also moved the living room furniture around for the bazillionth time.  This arrangement doesn't have a tv in front of the window, there is room to walk around the sofa on both sides, the tv is on a wall, and I kinda think maybe this one is not awful?  It even has room for another armchair to the left of the tv.  I just need to remember that in every house we move to it takes me a year to find a decent furniture arrangement.

The one problem is that there is no overhead lighting in the living room.  It would be nice to have a console behind the sofa to put some lamps on, but it just was too much furniture in the foyer area. That one floor lamp in the corner has to light a 15x10 area with vaulted 20 foot ceilings. We  mostly sit in the dark and refer to the living room as "Il Grotto."

Et voila, I managed to take a small pink refresh of an out of sight bedroom and turn it into the Pink That Ate Half The Downstairs.