Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Problem solved: no more pink

This pink bedroom idea is just not working out. 

It is not the worst, but nor is it very exciting.  

Awkward segue: last week I recovered a lamp shade for the living room.

Since I have been playing musical lamps, the brass lamps were on my nightstand, and I brought the lamp shade upstairs to try it out on the brass lamp.  I thought it looked fabulous, especially on my blue nightstand. 

Amidst my despair over the sad pink bedroom situation, a wonderful thought occurred to me: why not move all the red stuff from the living room upstairs into my bedroom? 

And I did. Like two seconds after the idea popped into my brain.  

Now my bedroom looks like this: 

Don't ask about my living room.  


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Hi Lisa,
    I did not expect a complete flip from pink , but it makes prefect sense . As soon as you stop looking for pink lamps in the size you want , you will find them. In the meantime, you get to be happy with the room. The covered lampshade looks great - it turned out much better than your lamp painting. I hope you will be creating one of your paintings for the room.
    Kind Regards

    1. thanks Cathy! I don't think I'll be painting anything for the room; I have some other projects I'm working on, and I think that I'll be using some art we already have.

  2. SO much better! Isn't it maddening how when you finally let go of some thing you really really really wanted and can't seem to find/procure, you often realize it was the wrong thing all along? And half the time, it was there all along but you couldn't see it because you were so focused on the thing you thought should be but wasn't? (Yes, this is the plot of every John Hughes movie ever AND a metaphor.)

    1. ha, if only my life had a John Hughes ending waiting in the wings. I'm glad you like it--I am definitely liking it better than the pink.

  3. Fabric 1: Spray paint 0

    This textile whore (who completely distrusts spray paint!) can't help but smile at this outcome ;) . The lampshade turned out beautifully, Lisa :) .

    1. thank you, Marian! I am delighted with the lampshade, although I burned off my fingerprints with all the hot glue needed.


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