Thursday, April 21, 2016

the formal dining room

Last I shared the formal dining room on the blog, we were using it as a playroom.

Around New Year's, I think, I got into a rearranging frenzy and put the playroom back in the eat-in kitchen area, and made the formal dining room back into a dining room.

Everything in the room we already owned. I've bought very little for this house; I just keep playing musical decor with stuff we already have.

I won't show you the bookshelves head on, as they are unstyled, working shelves that hold books and board games and legos and a bunch of paperwork.

The dining table from our old house has been sitting out in the garage, as it is too big for the eat-in area. The ikat slipper chairs are not dining chairs, per se, and are a little on the low side for dining, but they are comfy.  I usually have my computer set up in here and paperwork everywhere.  

 You've already seen the art in a previous post.

Next post: the sad pink living room.


  1. I like your artwork in this space. Are you finding that you're using it as a dining room? Ours is currently a TV watching space. We've been talking about making it more of a dining room, but I wonder if we'd ever actually eat there. We do watch TV there quite often, but after temps in the high 80s earlier this week, I'm remembering that in the warm months we tend to do that in the basement family room because it stays cooler on that level. Really what I need is a smaller house, but that's a whole different can of worms.

    1. no, we don't eat in this space. There's only four chairs, and five of us, and we have a much bigger table closer to the kitchen in the back of the house. I should do a floor plan sometime--this formal dining room is in the front of the house, visible from the front door. The Mister and I use it as an office, mostly; there's always a ton of paperwork spread out and computers open.

      I would love to have a smaller house, but I really want to plan and build it myself. What I want just isn't available here. I'd like three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, one large dining room open to the kitchen, and two living spaces (casual for the kid stuff, and a formal one). Here, if you get two living spaces, you get two dining spaces. And they are sized down--so instead of having one nice size dining room and two living spaces, you get two tiny dining spaces and two tiny living spaces. If we were to buy this rental I'd be knocking down walls left and right to reconfigure the space.

  2. Yeah, we have an eat-in kitchen and then a dining-room space right next to the eat-in kitchen. So, we ditched the dining room and just do all the eating in the kitchen. Because we aren't formal and don't entertain--and really, the whole-thing seems a bit pretentious for an old split-entry house. I'm with you on the better configuration.


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