Monday, July 20, 2015

the living room and playroom

I haven't shown all the moving around of furniture that happened, except for the family room turned into the dining room.  The old dining room is now the playroom, and the formal living room has stayed the living room, but it lost the bookshelves and gained a sofa.

The living room originally looked like this, with one sofa, a pair of chairs and a bunch of bookshelves:

After moving the bookshelves into the back dining room, we moved the second sofa and the tv back into the living room.

I think it probably looked better from a decorating standpoint the first way.  But I like the function better this way, so here it stays.  For a while, anyways.  I'd like to hang two large art pieces behind the tv, but I haven't had time to make them yet.

Before, the dining room was perfectly adequate, if boring.  We never used it as a dining room.  It served mostly as a repository for mail.  Imagine a seven foot table completely covered in mail.  

Now it is a playroom.  

It gets a lot more use this way.  


  1. Fully functional! Exactly what you need at this time. Hope the freezer is working.

    Blogless Peggy

    1. thanks Peggy! The freezer is working, at the moment.


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