Thursday, July 16, 2015

that beeping fridge, again

Since moving into this house, our upright freezer in the garage has broken down twice.  The repairs have been unsatisfactory, to say the least, since it keeps breaking. You probably don't recall, but we originally bought an inexpensive upright freezer because our fridge with bottom freezer, which works perfectly well as a fridge and freezer, won't stop beeping.  The freezer seal is .000000000000000000000000001 centimeters off the door and trips the non-shut-off-able alarm. Which goes off every 10 seconds.  All day long.  And I want to kill someone.

Since the upright freezer keeps breaking down, and we have now lost two full freezer loads of food (angry!!), we have been using the beeping freezer.  The beeping freezer works fine as a freezer.  It keeps food frozen.  It is difficult to access the food in the beeping freezer, because we have taped it shut to stop the door from beeping.  In case you were wondering, taping your freezer door shut is a successful deterrent to eating ice cream. Or anything else in the freezer.  "Can you make that broccoli and lemon dish tomorrow?"  "Really? I'll have to untape the the freezer. Wouldn't you prefer some bread and butter instead?"

I've spent $300 on repairing the freezer so far.  So far the cycle has been plug in the freezer, it breaks two weeks later, wait three weeks for a repair appointment, wait another few weeks for whatever part it needs, get it fixed, it breaks again two weeks later, lather rinse repeat.  I am currently in the "two week waiting for it to break again" cycle--I'm not putting more food in it until two weeks has passed.  I have some water bottles and a loaf of bread in it so that I can tell if it is defrosting, but having thrown out two Costco runs twice now, I'm being cautious.

I could buy a new fridge, which means I could get rid of the garage freezer and free up space in the garage.  But I don't WANT to buy a new fridge. Plus, the fridge and beeping freezer perform their fridge and freezerly functions just fine.  If it would just STOP THE  BEEPING.   Kenmore and Sears, how I hate you and your terrible appliances.

What's the minimalist/frugal living answer here?  Do I spend a lot of money replacing two appliances with one appliance that works, thereby freeing up room and give myself peace and respite from the world's most annoying beeping?  Or do I keep the beeping fridge because it works just fine as a fridge, even if it requires spending about $10 a month on tape and is slowly depriving me of my sanity?

(The answer is I am probably going to buy a new fridge after Christmas, for boring money reasons, but that still means six months of living with this damn beeping.) 


  1. I feel so badly for you, Lisa ... the constant beeping would drive me up a creek too :(

  2. I am sure you have already thought of this as you are a smart lady, but we can turn our beeping function off, maybe your fridge allows that?


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