Wednesday, July 22, 2015

the reading nook: The Beast

When we moved in, the eat-in kitchen area housed our enormous round dining table, which was far too large for the space.   Forgive my non-white-balanced pictures.

When I started rearranging, I put the round table in the garage, and brought the large rectangular dining table into the adjacent family room space.  So the eat-in space sat sort of empty and lonely for a few weeks.

We all liked sitting in the red chair, but the problem was that only one person could use the space at a time.  You couldn't sit and talk in there, unless your partner wanted to sit on a dining chair or the floor.  I scoured craigslist for a chair, but to no avail.

Target has a huge selection of attractive inexpensive slipper chairs, but I hate slipper chairs.  I need a chair I can curl up in with a good book.  You can't curl up in a slipper chair. I turned to Ikea and local consignment shops. I debated the Stocksund chair, for $349.  It is pretty comfy and has good curling up qualities.

Another front runner was this chair, also $349 at a local consignment shop:

But then craigslist stepped in for $45, and gave us The Beast.

This chair is enormous.  Like, huuuuge. I mentally refer to that chair as The Beast. But it was $45.  Would one of the $349 chairs look better, daintier, be a better fit for the space? Yes.  But this chair can sit one kid next to you with one kid on either arm of the chair.  This chair is also extremely comfy, and supports laying sideways, with your head on one arm and your feet dangling over the other side.  Plenty of curling up here.  Priorities, people.

I added a 5x8 rug from RugsUSA (at 70% off) to the space, and voila, cozy reading nook and conversational space.   


  1. I do not own any slipper chairs, although I love the way they look, give me a "curl up with a kid or a book chair" any day of the week. This chair looks like the perfect chair for your purposes. And the price was right! I think the room looks great. Love all the reveals.

    Fingers crossed the freezer keeps working; can't imagine losing all the contents of a freezer twice. UGH!

    Blogless Peggy


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