Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dining room redo

When we moved into this house, we set up all the rooms according to what appeared to be the obvious functions:  the front of the house had a formal living room and dining room, and the back of the house had a family room and eat-in area off the kitchen.

Our round table was a wee bit too big for the eat-in area. I didn't exactly put a ton of effort into the family room.  One day I just came up with a wild hair to rearrange the entire downstairs and so I did.

The former family room went from this:

to this:

Sadly, I had already craigslisted a bunch of bookshelves, so I ended up buying two new ones.  There is no overhead lighting at all in this house, and I craigslisted our two hanging lamps (grrrr), so I needed a buffet or something to put some lamps on.  I  bought a Tarva dresser from Ikea and painted it Behr Dark Cobalt blue.

I'm enjoying the new set up.  The front room formal, need a little something in the way of decorating, but, this set up is really making us use the spaces differently and more efficiently, and I'm happy with that.  


  1. Love the idea of using a dining room as a library, and I always like your use of color. It might be a rental, but you are smart to make the house work for you and your family.

  2. What a great change!! Love it!

  3. Love the idea of a fireplace in the dining room. And books. We've turned our dining room into a little TV watching spot, so clearly I'm not a slave to conventional use of spaces either.

  4. Hi, I know this comment is not about this post , but I remember reading that you have been cutting out processed foods from your diet and thought you might like to read the inpiralized blog. My daughter is vegan and my husband is gluten free and I have found some great recipes that maybe helpful for your family. We now seem to use a spiralizer for meals every second day. PS dont buy the small one that looks like a large pencil sharpener - it is not nearly quick enough
    Kind Regards


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