Thursday, June 18, 2015

Princess's room, in progress

I haven't posted much in the way of decorating this house.  Every room in the house is in a "80% done and likely to stay that way for a while" phase.

Princess's room is done-ish.  The main goal was to use what we already had.  I am all about free or mostly free right now.

The rug on the floor was a $45 craigslist find.  It doesn't quiiiiite go with the bright Urban Outfitters rug hung behind the bed, but whatever.  (Nothing can be as bad as the bleeding eyeballs post, right?)

The $45 rug is almost perfect for the room.  I measured the room before I bought it.  Except I don't think I measured the corner.

Have you ever gone along thinking meh, the room is fine, needs something but I don't know what, and THEN you see something and you think YES! THAT is what I need!

Last week I was thumbing through a Better Homes and Gardens and came across an ad for this bed from Walmart:

Yes! Princess's room needs a navy blue headboard! And this one is even reasonably priced! (No, it won't make the two rugs match.)

Except all the reviews say that it does not fit a full size bed, despite being sold as a full/queen  headboard.  I went to Walmart and measured it, and it will not fit a full bed.

I could make my own.  In my spare time. I also need to make a pelmet or some sort of window treatment.


  1. Maybe you could roll up the rug a little under the bed to make it fit in that corner?

    1. I just stick the bin of dolls on top of it, and no one is the wiser.

  2. I loooove the way the rug on the wall talks to the painting and the lamp across from it. Perfection! :)


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