Friday, January 4, 2013

Item # 12 crossed off the list: stop the beeping

First project of the year: fix the beeping fridge or get a new one.

We've had Sears out twice to fix the fridge.  It is my problem since I live in a house with uneven floors, apparently.

We decided against getting a new fridge.  Its a big expense that should last a long time and I hate to buy a really fabulous fridge but then buy a new house next year and it doesn't fit.  Or buy an el cheapo fridge and be stuck with it in the next house. Plus, the old fridge works fine as a fridge.  It just NEVER STOPS BEEPING.  

The problem with the old fridge is that the freezer door doesn't stay shut, thus setting off the alarm.  Sometimes it lifts an infinitesimal amount off the seal, and sometimes its a good quarter inch off.  Taping the freezer door shut eliminates the beeping but makes it hard to access the food inside.  (Duh.)

So we compromised and bought an upright freezer to put in the garage.

The cheapest option would be to buy a chest freezer, but I don't have any dead bodies to store, and they are difficult to organize.  We opted for the upright freezer, figuring that we would be happy to have an extra freezer in the garage of the next house as well.

The bottom freezer in the kitchen is now taped shut in perpetuity.  And the beeping has stopped.  Blessed silence reigns.

I also started on item # 6, rearrange the living room, and it has made me very very happy.  Pictures to follow!


  1. Good for you! We switched from a chest freezer to an upright years ago and I could not be happier! I love having a proper sized freezer. I cnnot imagine howpeople cope without one.

  2. Would a stove baby safety latch work on the bottom freezer? It may keep it closed but still allow you to press the door in enough to undo the latch on the side and open it to retrieve the day to day items without venturing to the garage... It's worth a shot and is a cheap and easy solution. We have the same problem with the light in our oven and the baby safety latch was the key to fixing it!

  3. I am sure you won't miss that beeping at all! Sounds like you came up with a great solution!


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