Monday, January 21, 2013

Mood board for Princess's room

Princess has let me know that she desires a "princess" bedroom.  Her monkey curtains are not making the cut, apparently.  Princess also requires that her room be an explosion of PeptoBismol pink and Disney princesses, which, um, no. 

I have thought for a long time on how to achieve Princess's wishes.  Most "princess" stuff is pale pastel pink and lavender, which is not really my thing.  I prefer brighter, more saturated colors.  I also wanted to bring in some deep grape-y purple, instead of the entire room being pink!pink!pink!

Here's the plan so far. 

The heart decals will go on the wall above her headboard.  I like that they are removable stickers, so when we move out we can take them with us.  Since we are in earthquake country they are also a good fit for art hanging over a bed.    

The ruffle bedspread meets with her approval (its pink! It has ruffles!).   Rather than add even more ruffles with the shams, I'd like to get either a monogrammed sham or a different pattern.

Princess already has the Poang children's size chair.  There are companies that make prettier slipcovers for them, but I have yet to come across one that makes a slipcover for the children's chair.  If you know of one, please share.  

Pottery Barn Kids has a number of canopies that are $69+, but Ikea has a plain white canopy for $20. I will dress this up with something....maybe a bunting, or some butterfly or flower clips.  

I included a purple lamp because I would really like to bring more deep purple into her room.  

My sticking point is the curtains.  I am undecided on what to get.  I have run all of these choices past the Princess, and she has voted for pink every time. (Grr.) I would like a purple pattern on a white background but haven't found much.  Here are some I am considering.  

I feel that the Serena and Lily purple trim and the PBK ribbon trim curtains are easy DIY curtains.  Princess has voted for the Land of Nod pink swiss dot curtains.  

The pink block print curtains are very very sheer but I love the pattern. But, very very sheer.  

My favorite are the purple block print curtains, BUT I only want the pattern on the top half of the curtain.  Where can I find that block print without all the junk on the bottom??


  1. Lisa, I am working with a client on her Princess' bedroom as well. Pink is ruling ... it is cute ... and a phase. We all do it knowing that it will be gone in a few years!! Love the moveable stickers!! xo

  2. Love that ruffle bedspread! And I like the pink block print curtains, too. Could you do a double rod with blackout curtains on the inside? My basement curtains are JUST blackout liner that I hemmed at the top & bottom. Super easy, & really inexpensive.

  3. This is a really good plan. My teen would love a lot of "Princess" should be able to keep this for a long time.

  4. Love it. I'm a big fan of pink and purple...I have to be with two little girls. Love that little pillow!

  5. Wish I could help with your curtain questions, but it's been a few years since I've been in the princess business. (Actually, mine never favored princess decor. A blessing.)

    Just wanted to say that I think "princess" is more a feeling/mood than anything that's explicitly royal (Disney or otherwise). And I think you're totally nailing it with the things you're considering.

  6. Really fun, esp. the decals. I like the curtains with the purple trim best, or the white with the pink stripe. I think once you have the gauze canopy up & remove the monkeys, your daughter won't be so focused on the curtains. (My daughter had a similar canopy on her bed & just loved it.)

    Currently I'm living with deep hot pink in my almost 11-year old's room. So tired of it after barely a year, but she loves it. I wouldn't mind a return to pastel & princesses at ALL! :)


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