Thursday, January 10, 2013

my big toe, a pretty rug, some blue

I had high hopes of posting some pictures of the boys' room today.  I bought a Hemnes 3-drawer dresser and built it yesterday, put it in the room, and was too big.

So I tossed the partially built dresser and the remaining drawer pieces back in the car and returned the dresser at Ikea.  My receipt clearly said that assembled furniture was non-returnable, but the customer service line said that it was at the discretion of the store, and I was pleasantly surprised that they gave me all money back.  I bought a smaller Malm 3-drawer dresser and took it home.

As I took it out of the back of the car and tried to move it into the garage--it was HEAVY--I could feel my back protesting.  Rather than screw up my back again I dropped the box.

On my big toe.

I had an unmedicated birth with Peter, and this hurt wayyyyy worse.

I don't want to gross anyone out with pictures of my jacked-up toe, but imagine Gabriel Aubrey's face after Halle Berry's boyfriend beat him up.  It is excruciatingly painful.  I fear that my triumphant return to the gym next week when all my children are back in school might be delayed.

Moral of the story: avoid manual labor.

In other exciting news, I ordered this rug for my closet.  It feels so happy and cheerful.

And I've been painting stuff in my bedroom too.

Hopefully after this weekend I'll have some put-together rooms to share.  


  1. eeek- that sounds so so painful!!! Quick healing I hope!! And as for IKEA box moving- we bought the super huge 90" wardrobes from there and those boxes were HEA-VY- even with a helper was commically diffcult(thankfully no injuries!)

  2. so sorry about your toe - ouch!!!
    But on a cheery note, that rug can cheer up any room, are you sure that belongs in the closet? :-)

  3. I feel your pain! Love the rug. What a cheery way to get ready in the morning.

  4. One time I broke my toe walking out of the kids' bedroom. Walked into the closet wall. Doing nothing but walking. Was amazed at how it disabled me. Sorry to hear about yours. Glad you have a cool rug to cheer you up. :-)

  5. " but imagine Gabriel Aubrey's face after Halle Berry's boyfriend beat him up." LOL! Never mess with Olivier Martinez...

    Hope your toe feels better soon!

  6. Ouch. I feel your pain. Avoid all manual labour in future. Absolutely.

  7. Remember my awesome toe after Bex dropped a chair on my foot? And my nail eventually falling off? But before that, we were getting pedicures for your wedding and the nail lady was scared to touch my toe b/c she thought I had some killer fungus or something on the toe. It was super ugly. :)


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