Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To be done in 2013

Happy New Year!

There are many many things to be done in 2013.  Many of them involve purging.  We have committed to staying in this house another year and thus I am going on a massive cleaning bender this year.

1.  Get rid of the storage unit.  I am done with hoarding furniture.  Yes, maybe some of it would be good for the next house, but whatever, I am done with holding on to stuff and tripping over stuff that I don't have a space for.  It is costing more money to store this furniture than it will be to buy new furniture when I eventually buy a house, which will be who knows when.

2. Purge the garage.  HAHAHA.  But seriously, I'm so tired of carrying all this stuff around, and organizing it every damn weekend because it is a never ending source of entropic disorder. I want it ALL GONE.

Side note: possibly do a 31 Day series on getting rid of all my stuff.  My plan is for us to sleep on tatami mats and have one plate apiece.

3. Finish the dining room/playroom area.  I went with the cheap curtain option originally instead of the curtains I really wanted, and have been annoyed with myself ever since. Our dining chairs are disgusting and dangerous to unsuspecting guests.  There is one teeny tiny light fixture that illuminates the 20 x 12 room.

4. Finish the master bedroom.  This is nearly done, I just need to spraypaint the lamps again and hang some art.

5.  Do the Princess's room.  It is a hot mess, and she is very vocal about her dislike of the (so twee! so cute!) monkeys in the curtains.

6.  Rearrange the living room.  The current furniture arrangement feels like an alley of furniture along the side walls.  This is probably going to necessitate getting rid of some furniture. (Are you sensing a trend?)

7.  Write that damn article I've been avoiding for five years. I am putting it out there now--the month of February I WILL DO THIS.

8. Get a J-O-B.  (Writing the article is step one of getting a job.) Full time, part time, doesn't matter, just get out of the house.

9.  Take the kids to Disney (Anaheim, not Orlando).

10. Put all my currently unused but expensive curtains up on ebay. Why am I so afraid of selling stuff on ebay?

11. Learn to thread my sewing machine.  I have basic competence on a sewing machine, but I cannot get the dumb thing threaded, despite multiple YouTube tutorials and my mother showing me four times.

12. Either fix the fridge or get a new one.  I cannot live with that horrendous beeping for another minute, let alone another 365 days.

13. With my luck lately, item number 13 may not have the best karma, so maybe we'll say something dumb like organize my bedside table.

14. Learn to use my camera.  The Mister got me camera lessons for Christmas, so I may actually accomplish this one.

15. Go to a blogger conference. Which one? Blissdom, Mom 2.0, Camp Mighty?  BlogHer seems enormous and unwieldy and ack too many people.  Which one are you going to?

16. Go to a design camp.  I signed up for ABChao's design camp in LA (anyone else going?).  I would love to go to Tobi Fairley's design camp, but that is two new refrigerators, and I'd rather accomplish item #12 above.

17. Redesign the blog.  I really need to figure out how to do threaded commenting, since the blogger "check here for threaded commenting" button doesn't seem to work for me.  The entire blog needs a makeover, to be honest. Do you have any recommendations for a designer?

18. Get bifocals. Sigh.

19. Get over my intense hatred of suffering through cosmetic dentistry and get my teeth fixed.

20. Organize all the photos. This is a wayyyyy bigger project than it sounds.

And you?  Share your goals for 2013.


  1. Another new year for us to get it right.. and you will this year! Happy New Year!

  2. Great goals! You will be so relieved to have taken care of all that stuff!

  3. I'm glad I don't live near you when you have a garage sale. I would bring it all home and have more stuff in my garage. I think your list is long....especially if you get a J-O-B. Be nice to yourself, and do what is doable.

  4. Organize the photos. Ack! Me, too. I'm not sure why I've been so totally blocked in this area. My plan is to devote 15 min per day on it until my kids have complete baby books. Did I mention they're 5 and 3? Yeah.

  5. This is an impressive list...I am afraid to start mine!


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