Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the eat-in area

Right off our kitchen is our family room.  At the end nearest the kitchen is the area we use as our casual eat-in dining space.  (We have a formal dining room on the other side of the kitchen.)

When we bought the house, this family room/dining space was painted a hideously ugly dark sage green, with a tuscan-style-ish chandelier.

Since the formal dining room lacked a light fixture, we moved the tuscan wrought iron ugliness to the formal dining room, and installed a sputnik style chandelier in the eat-in area.  We painted the walls and ceiling Dunn Edwards Whisper.  We also hung our splatter painting that the kids made last year for Mother's Day.

Remember the round table that we couldn't seem to get rid of in the Big Purge?  Lucky for us that no one else wanted it.  It is beat up, but it is the perfect size and shape for this space.  And since it is so dinged I do not particularly care if the kids bang it up even more.  (Lying, I kind of do care, but I have realistic expectations that it will be banged up worse by the time we are done with it.)

We also added the trailer park pleather chairs. They are wipeable and comfy and they swivel. (Children have already done the spin-around-so-fast-you-fly-off-and-get-hurt thing.)  The tolix chairs are in the formal dining room.

It is not in my budget right now to buy a rug for the dining space, but since we were afraid of the floors getting scratched, we added tennis balls to the feet.  I'll be honest, although I like the look of a rug under a dining table, my kids put way too much food on the floor for a rug to be practical for us.  Our last place was carpeted in the dining area and I hated vacuuming that area every. single. night. So I'm perfectly happy with plain wood floors and tennis balls.

Lastly, I hung our Ikea Stockholm Blad blue curtains from our previous dining room.  I hung the curtains two inches below the ceiling, which means that they are currently floodwaters at about six inches above the floor.  I have plans to lengthen them with some navy fabric, but haven't gotten to it yet.

My crappy pictures do not do this room justice--I'm totally in love with this space. 


  1. At least the tennis balls echo the chandelier. I say own it & call it a "design decision". I've been wanting a rug to go under our dining table too. I have my eye on some indoor/ outdoor styles. I figure I can give it a quick sweep as needed and a quick wash with the hose as required.

  2. So wonderful to hear that you're totally in love with a space in your house. That is all that really matters. And I think you're rockin' the tennis balls. :-)

  3. What Rita said. I'm happy to hear there's a spot you love, too.

  4. It's fun to watch you settle in. Reminds me of moving in to our current house and makes me want to spruce things up. 5 year old paint on the wall looks pretty worn with kids in the house.

  5. Your house is georgeous. I love it! You definitely have a way with colors and all you do to make it comfortable. Love, Grandmom

  6. A little trailer park is necessary for every room. I love this area. That chandelier is fantastic.


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