Tuesday, May 21, 2013

castle for a Princess: wall decal headboard

Princess finally has her castle.

We used this sticker from Blik.  The hardest part was getting it level and centered over the bed (math!), but the actual sticking it on the wall was pretty easy with two people. (This would be really difficult by yourself.)  I love the amount of color and detail in the decal.  It just looks so fantastic in person.  Princess is quite happy with it.

Princess's room is nearing completion.  (You can see the wall opposite the bed here.)

 All that remains is a window treatment and one more piece of art for the wall next to the door.

Edited to add: linking up to Emily Clark's kids rooms party.


  1. i LOVE this idea! colorful and fun and what girl wouldn't adore it!

  2. Perfect! I know she loves it. Bravo for your patience and detailed application!

  3. It looks awesome!! She must be so excited about her new room.

  4. Wow, that is really cool. I wish my daughter was little again, she would have loved this. (Shes 26 and married, but a mom can dream right!)

  5. love it!!!! I want to have one for my headboard too!

  6. Lisa, this is so great! Like deshacrafts, I wish my girl were little again just so I could do this, too. It's so perfect--strong, bold princess, not soft, puffy princess. Love it!

  7. She's a Russian Princess! It reminds me so much of Red Square. Cool.

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  9. Really love the dresser with that rug. Thanks for linking up!


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