Monday, May 13, 2013

instruction booklets, new buffet

A sign that you have too much Ikea furniture in your house? Your children start drawing instruction booklets.


I bought a buffet off craigslist for the dining room.  I'll paint it a pretty color....eventually.  I can't seem to make up my mind on a color.  (Probably navy blue. When I get a free moment. Which means the mirror also needs to be painted a different color. )

I like the buffet in the corner, and the spacious feeling of the blank wall on the left, without a bookshelf wall.

Which has me thinking maybe I skip the bookshelf wall on the left and just hang an enormous blown-up photo of the Italy picture, assuming I can get the picture blown up (that picture is giving me issues).

This back-ing and forth-ing probably means I should just live with it as is for a while before making any decisions.


  1. oh my gosh the kids drawings crack me up!!! and LOVE the new buffet- navy will be perfect!

  2. I am laughing so hard right now!

    You have so much color in your house, could you leave the buffet as it is?

  3. That's hilarious about your kids drawing the Rast!!! You're smart to slow down before making decisions. I'm not usually too good at that, and end up regretting my choices!

  4. Navy seems about right. I was going to suggest red (so you wouldn't have to paint the mirror) but that would be too loud.

    Live with things for a while is always a good idea. Still, you have incredible vision! Have you thought about what you wil do once you get this house done? Will you offer mood board services to DIYers?

  5. Check out They have a service where you can get your own picture printed out onto just about any sort of mounting style you want. It's not hugely expensive. My neighbors have their own Paris photos and they look amazing.

  6. This made me laugh, too. And I used to own that buffet. Well, not THAT particular one, but one just like it. Yes, paint will be good. I'm generally a lover of wood, but I like the idea of paint for this piece. Might be biased because for the husband who bought the piece, there was no wood unless it was oak. I'm now allergic to oak.

  7. I love your new buffet . I agree about waiting to paint it - I think you will know when you get your art on the other wall and the orange curtains up what colour to paint it ( I like a deep dark moody navy, or whatever colour you can buy cheaply in a spray can) . I also really love the picture you chose of the umbrellas and knowing it is from one of your trips makes it extra special. I thought it looked great in your mood board , but I'm not sure how it will look in a larger scale and how this will impact on your lounge room and how to carry elements of orange through . It's funny looking at other people's homes and thinking how you might do things differently ( it's always much easier than trying to fix your own home) . I am sure you probably have tried this already, but have you tried the mirror landscape instead of portrait? or does this look too old fashioned? and is the buffet centered on the wall or put in the corner, I can't tell from the angle of the picture and I don't know whether it feels right or weird when you are standing in the room. Are you feeling up to creating another mood board with the changes in your room to see how it will all look?
    Kind Regards


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