Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 years coming up, circus tents, and Sophia Loren

So! I just realized that in a week or so I am coming up on Three Years Of Blogging!  Three years of me gazing at my navel and telling you about it.  I do not anticipate having a party or anything but I will open up the floor to questions, if you want to ask them.  


Here is a thing that I find...weird.  At least, I can honestly say that on the East Coast, I have never seen or even heard of this.  Here is a view from my backyard.

Is the circus in town, you ask?  No, my friend, that is not the circus.  That is an enormous tent put on top of the house behind us and clothes-pinned till the tent follows the lines of the house.  For exterminating.  I do not know if they will do this circus-tent-treatment while all your stuff is still inside the house (the house behind us just sold, so its empty), but.....still, gross.  Chemicals/pesticides in the carpets your children will be rolling on! Chemicals/pesticides on EVERY SINGLE HORIZONTAL SURFACE inside your house! Does this not freak you out??

Fascinating! But still, weird.

I will admit that over the past few weeks in my house I have been killing mosquitoes the size of my head (eek), so....maybe they are onto something.

I have been hankering for this Ikea Sophia Loren knockoff poster for a while, so I bought it today and hung it up in a Ribba frame at the top of the stairs.  

I am beginning to think of the large Ikea Ribba frames the way I think of Old Navy clothing--cheap and stylish pieces of crap that will fall apart three minutes after you get it home.  I no longer shop at Old Navy and I may stop buying these frames for the same reason.

I do like the poster, though. I like that the model is curvy and appears to have not-slim thighs.  She fits in with the Botero that is hanging a few feet away in the bathroom. (My children refer to that painting as "the naked butt painting.")

Tangentially related anecdote: the very first piece of "art" the Mister and I bought was a Kandinsky print that we had professionally framed.  It hung over the fireplace in our condo, and we were very proud of ourselves and our grown-up purchase.  When we put the condo up for sale, a buyer came in to look around and made a comment about "that art from Ikea."  Pardon?  "That", she pointed at the pride of my heart, "the Ikea art." Sniffing haughtily, I told her it was not "Ikea art, you philistine, its a KANDINSKY." (Although yes, the kind of Kandinsky you pay $24.99 for

That woman did not buy our condo.

But I have to admit that Ikea has decent taste in art.  (Sophia Loren may not be so thrilled with them.)


  1. Happy Anniversary! I remember those tents, well. It always creeped me out. And then, I would feel itchy. I love that print just the way it is on the wall.

  2. I have seen those tents on the East Coast, I think one of my friends had a flea infestation and had to get a tent like that. And they will fumigate with furniture and such still there, you just have to put away everything else (i.e. nothing on countertops and such). Kind of gross when you think about it.

    I love that Kandinsky (as evidenced by it now hanging in MY living room, so whatevs cheap Ikea art). I also have lots of cheap Ikea art hanging around the rest of my apartment, so maybe I'm not the best person to use as a reference. :-P

    And, I love that poster you have hanging up. Good choice :)

  3. I can't believe you've never seen the tent before. I saw it in Philly when I lived there.

    I love the art and the saying. Sofia's body is ridiculous (in a totally awesome way)!

  4. We use those tents in Florida for drywood termite extermination. This is termite swarming season so we see them alot this time of year.

  5. There was a CSI episode with one of those tents....that's the only time I've ever seen one. (Winter tends to act like a 5 month long tent here). Great piece of artwork--but it really doesn't look anything like SL.

  6. We did that to our old house in OC for termites. You have to remove plants & anything living, but all your stuff stays inside.

  7. The quote is just too funny, I need this poster. I wish there was an Ikea near me. The Botero is perfect.
    I cannot imagine the chemicals in the house next door. What will they do to clean the fumes out? Not good.


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