Friday, May 17, 2013

Master Bedroom (In Progress)

The master bedroom is finally unpacked and put away, for the most part.

Our Malm 3-drawer dressers that we were using as nightstands were wayyyyy too big for the space, so we replaced them with Ikea Rast tables. Sadly, I already had a pair of Rasts, but they did not survive the Big Purge (*gnashing teeth*), but whatever.  I have been stalking craigslist for a pair of nightstands, but I wanted something simple with clean lines, like a midcentury nightstand.  I find craigslist here to be terrible--put the word "midcentury" on your craigslist ad and charge $1000!  I didn't want to put out that kind of money for new or vintage.  So Rast it is.

I painted the Rast drawerfronts with some of the leftover paint from the baseboards (Dunn Edwards in Whisper semigloss), and added the hardware that I took off the last pair of Rasts I owned. I have not gotten around to staining the outer case of the Rast, but I am liking the lightness of the unfinished wood and may keep it that way.

There isn't much in the room--just the bed, nightstands and a new craigslist dresser.  (Our old dresser was painted purple and put in Princess's bedroom.)

You can see that the wall behind the dresser does not go all the way to the ceiling.  I do not like that.  Behind that wall is the master bathroom area.  Don't worry, the potty has its own little room with a door, but really, the entire space is very inefficiently utilized. (No pictures, that space is still home to piles of unpacked but homeless stuff.)  I have big plans to redo that entire space, add an upstairs laundry room and build better closets.....but like everything else it will have to wait till we save up some pennies.  Until then, weird half wall and shiny brass mirrored doors will be staying.

I have plans for this room (new flooring, roman shades, new furniture, light fixture, knocking down walls in the bathroom, etc), but for the moment, I'm loving how spacious and uncluttered this space is.  I love the navy blue walls, and how well the duvet works with the navy.  Living large, peeps.

Oh! One last sneakity peek at the hallway looking into the bedroom, painted fresh white and with black trim:

I cannot wait to paint all the doors and the banister black.

Have a lovely weekend, peeps.


  1. I love your bedroom - It looks so peaceful.
    Would the white wall in the hallway work as your gallery wall ?
    Kind Regards

  2. Everything looks so gorgeous with those navy walls!

  3. So pretty! And even though the walls look dark (and trust me, if I could, I would sleep in a cave, so I love the dark), I think it's a great contrast to the incessant California sunshine.

  4. Love those navy walls. Very dramatic!

  5. Oh my goodness I am in love love love with your walls!
    The whole room is so pretty and fresh.

    Great job!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Is the second-to-last line a joke? From the song? Did the door used to be red?

  7. Looking good! I was actually wondering about your bedroom and how it's going. I am so tempted to paint my walls dark looking at this but I know it would thrill me for two seconds and then I'd be depressed. I need sunshine--but then we live in vastly different climates. What will you do for window treatments?

  8. Lisa, this bedroom is huge! I hope you are happy with the drywall expansion so the bed sits on the wall better? I love it. I also love the navy walls with the white accents. I am so afraid to get rid of furniture for the exact thing that happened to you. But I really want to clean out the clutter. UGH!


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