Friday, May 31, 2013

the boys' room moodboards

After we put up the castle in Princess's bedroom, Greg got a sad face and asked "why haven't you decorated our room?"  Ouch.

Currently, the boys' room is....hmm, lets call it adequate. Functional.  Some curtains are up for privacy, everything is unpacked, some pictures are hung....but its boring.

I am not looking to revamp the entire room.  I plan on buying either new bedding OR new curtains, but not both.  I am using the art we already have and throwing up some paint.  The room is just a bit too small to comfortably accommodate two twin beds, so we will buy a low loft bunk bed around Christmas, but for the moment, the boys are in their vintage spindle beds.  (I can't find a picture of the L-shaped low loft bed I want to buy, so just pretend that another bed is tucked under the loft in the moodboards, ok?) Not including the bunk bed, I plan on spending less than $150 in this room.

This teal version is my favorite.

In this teal version, we already have the map, the orange lamp, and the bolster pillow.  The yellow and white stripe curtains are already hanging in the room. I would put some aqua paint on the wall with the map.  (Or maybe the ceiling?)  Lastly, instead of the two overscale pictures of the boys, I would blow up two pictures of our vacation in Costa Rica, since the boys love going there. So, this is a pretty easy switcheroo--just pull out the bedding and the pictures.

It occurs to me that instead of the map, this enormous art from Ikea might fit in with this room. Or it could be too much photography.  (Also, budget-buster.)

The boys have requested Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman or Wolverine to make an appearance in the room. not really wanting this.  I could do this.  But eh.

So, this would switch out the yellow striped curtains from the above moodboard, and swap in curtains made from $8/yard superhero fabric.  I would keep the current navy blue bedding, the overscale photography, the map, and I have a white lamp I can sacrifice to the cause with spraypaint.  I'd get the boys each a monogrammed pillow, and put up some green paint on the map wall.

I don't hate the superhero option, but meh, I feel like the navy makes that room really dark, as would the curtains.  And their room has been navy for two years and I would like something lighter.  I haven't put it to a vote yet, but I'm betting this is the one the boys would vote for.

Lastly, we have the madras curtain option.  I love madras.  I appear to be alone in that love, as every time I have posted about it on the blog I have been met with deafening silence, but whatever.  Madras represent!

Here we are keeping the navy bedding, overscale photos, orange lamps and the map.  I'd add madras curtains made from this (backordered) inexpensive madras fabric, and add a monogrammed pillow.  WALLAH.

I am kind of really digging the madras option.

As always, I change my mind every ten minutes, so nothing you see here is permanent. Your thoughts?  You too are madly in love with the madras?  


  1. I feel really strongly about giving the kids the room they want. Believe me, it is so hard when my daughter does not have the same taste. If they have an opinion, I would follow it. Make pillows out of that fabric, or frame some of the images and hang it. That will be easy to swap out later.

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  3. I agree with that they should get the room they want. :) Especially if you gave Princess a castle like she wanted, you should let them get the room they want. You used to have the video games framed, you could always re-use those and some pillows instead of the curtains?

  4. i like the madras personally, but agree the boys should have some input. maybe you can use the superheros as art or a pillow instead of the curtains? i agree those curtains and navy bedding will be quite dark...seems like the yellow/white curtains would look nice with the navy bedding, and then make throw pillows out of the superhero fabric. or stretch some of the fabric over a frame for a large cheap piece of superhero art.

  5. I LOVE the madras. There are ways to incorporate a superhero theme that are a little more low-key and stylish, such as smaller framed items or toys on a shelf.

  6. I LOVE MADRAS!!!!
    But super hero curtains would make you THE COOLEST MOM EVER. I vote superhero curtains. :)

  7. Hey there! It's your favorite ex-babysitter, Erin. Have you seen the minimalist superhero and/or movie art floating around the internet?

    Like here:,minimalist-superhero-art-work-by-calvin-lin_634.htm?pg=8

    Or here:

    That way the boys could get what they want, but maybe in a less cartoony color palette? I'm particularly obsessed with a lot of the minimal Disney posters.

  8. Hey Lisa, I love the madras, too. But I really think you could go the comic hero style route in a less over the top way as the above commenters suggested--and that would be very cool.

  9. I agree with all the above about using the comic book guys in a less permanent form. Those curtains would be kinda overwhelming, imo.

    Really, I'm just jealous & distracted by the fact that you've all been to Costa Rica. On my Top 5 vacation list!

  10. Looks like the boys will have fun, however the design ends up. Love where you're headed!

  11. Can you put the superhero crap somewhere you'll barely have to see it? Like on the back of the bedroom door or the back wall inside the closet?

  12. The teal rooms are so very pretty.. so hard to work with what kids want and what YOU want. What about vintage superhero posters? I googled images and found so many cool ones, check it out if you haven't already! Also, posters by Alex Ross (my hubby's favorite comic artist) are striking as well. Just another idea to bang around in your head? :)

  13. So excited to see the minimalist posters - they are fantastic.
    I found a great one for sleeping beauty or you might like the dark night rises - it is quite sweet and something I wouldn't mind seeing in a young boys room but it is purple and yellow - not the blue you were looking for. Please let Erin your babysitter know that I am very grateful that she shared this site.
    Kind Regards


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