Monday, June 3, 2013

scenes from a weekend

I have so many thing to share! But I have no pictures or time to write a post because its bedtime and I was a painting fiend this weekend.  I also have some thoughts I want to share on this post--read it and we'll discuss it tomorrow, shall we?

So for the moment, how about a picture of the screaming blue I painted my bathroom this weekend?

Or the beautiful blue I painted my door?  There may have been a painting incident involving me scrabbling around in a garbage bag containing paint and becoming paint-ified up to my shoulder.

I found a home for some but not all of some accessories I've been hoarding for years.

I am going to start canning.  Pray no one gets botulism.

Oh! Did you see my former babysitter Erin's comment on Friday's post?  She suggested some minimalist superhero posters (like this one or these), and all of a sudden I think I see where this room is going.  (Not teal, apparently.)

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?


  1. I like the idea of this, but I am not sure how far to take it. The Nester had all these rules..."if I need it"...etc. I think an edited room is great. I love that minimalist superhero art.

  2. 1. You have more crosses than my nana did.
    2. I followed a link on your blog which lead to more links and links and links and then realized I'd been sucked into some holy roller Christian blog.
    3. Canning is awesome! I cut up extra fabric and wrap jars in that with a ribbon to give canned fruit as gifts.

  3. I will save my response until tomorrow. Got lots of response. Love the idea of minimalist superheroes.


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