Friday, June 21, 2013

dining room by Jen Langston Interiors that I must own

I have pretty much stopped doing "inspiration pic" posts, but whoa, I just saw two pictures I have to share. The July 2013 issue of Southern Living features an amazing home designed by the incredibly talented Jen Langston.  I stopped in my tracks when I saw this---THIS is what I want in my dining room.  It is sophisticated but clean and simple and usable by children. OH YES, SHE WILL BE MINE.

image via Jen Langston Interiors
I took the picture from Jen Langston's website, but the Southern Living issue has different pictures from the other side of the room.  If you look in the very back of the picture, there is a West Elm sideboard that I have been contemplating using in my own dining room.  Interestingly, in the Southern Living shoot the styling is different--there are two  vibrant green lamps that match the chairs on either end of the sideboard.

I think I could actually do a "look for less" version of this room without starting over.  It is on our list to replace the carpet with wood flooring.  I already have a long wooden table  (although mine is not a modern parsons table).  I have the tolix chairs, I've already been thinking of painting my windows black, and I can paint the two chairs at the head/foot of the table a vibrant color. (I don't have anything nearly as striking as those green chairs, but you know, work with what you got.)  I will also be replacing our ugly Tuscan wrought-iron chandelier eventually, but that wicker-ish light fixture is about the only thing in the room I am not excited about.  Otherwise I love everything about it.

Isn't it nice when you see a room and you think YES, YES, THAT IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!

The entire house is pretty amazing, honestly (look under the Richter Way link).  I know I've seen pictures of this house, especially the kitchen, floating around on Pinterest, but for this picture also gets me going:

image via Jen Langston Interiors

That chair! Those stripes! Those other stripes! And the other other stripes!  That fabric looks very similar to that striped sofa featured in Lonny a few years ago, isn't it?

What do you think about the spare, stripped down aesthetic of the dining room?


  1. Hi ,
    I know you are looking for a child friendly area, but do people use the dining room to eat with their children - I thought you did that mainly in the eat in area and that the dining room was more fancy schmancy and a bit more formal for more important occasions . I like the feel of the room for an informal space but I think it looks a bit like a catalogue - a bit too cold and bare and impersonal. I would still love to see your huge print of Italy on the wall and more color and a rug added when you get the time.

    Kind Regards

  2. i love that table!! figure out how i can refinish my table to look like that. i really like the gray matte undertone. and i've been wanting to strip and refinish my table anyhow!

  3. Love those green chairs! Hope all is well Lisa. Have a great weekend!
    xo Nancy

  4. FABulous room! I personally would choose another color for the green chairs (just a personal preference), but love the big statement they make. Pinning......

  5. The dining room seems really cold. It seems to be that the simplicity of it appeals to you--Everything in the room takes a back seat to the chairs (though the light fixture is a close second.) You can create the same feel, but pick something other than the chairs to pull the focus--maybe your Italian print, for example. I'd love to see the summer living spread.

    You do not have to copy every element to express the same idea. Much easier on the budget.

    The stripes would drive me bonkers, eventually.

  6. I think the spare, stripped down aesthetic would look much homier and more comfortable with a lot of colorful clutter around. I'm sure the children would be happy to help.

    If I were a child, I would want to sit in a big fancy chair and would be very upset if the adults thought those chairs were for them and expected me to sit on the hard ones. As an adult, I would want to sit in the regular chairs because it would be easier to get up and down from the table while still being close enough when I'm eating. I have never had a good experience sitting in a big stuffed chair to eat at a table.

    I bet that light fixture looks craptastic once it gets dusty. Which it would, in my house--I don't know about yours!

    The corners of the table and bench look sharp. I would not trust myself around them, let alone children.

    But I think this photo makes a great starting point for designing a dining room you like: simple, a pop of color, variety of seating options around the same table.

    The stripes are really great for a high-energy room. I wouldn't put the wall stripes anyplace I plan to relax, but that chair fabric by itself would be fine.

  7. I like the simplicity of the dining room. More and more, I'm liking clean spaces. That said, I tend to agree with other commenters about adding some of your personal touches to the room. I like the mix of textures and the palette. I like the neutrals with the one bold color in the chairs. I also like that you want to make every part of your home child-friendly, while creating an aesthetic that you like, too.

    And the stripes--they seem so "you" to me. I've long loved your embrace of bold color. Anyone can pull off greige. :-)


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