Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blogiversary, dishwashers and lice

My three year blogging anniversary was last week.

I thought about polling you about what you would like to read here--more decor, more life, more mood boards?  But I decided this space is purely my own.  I enjoy your presence and your comments, but I'm going to keep writing about whatever I please.  Which is pretty much the opposite of what I used to teach ("remember your audience!"). I haven't even checked my stats in the last few months.  Its freeing, actually.

One thing I would like to do with this blog, though, is figure out threaded commenting.  Blogger has threaded commenting, but of course, I can't get it to work.  I want to be more active in replying to comments.  I do currently reply to comments if your email is attached to your username, but that's only about two of you, so....yes, I need to get over my Luddite fears and get all technologyfied up in here.

I also need to figure out a new blog name.  Clearly I am no longer trapped anywhere.  Suggestions welcome.

The dishes were washed, yet not by my dishpan hands, and lo, there was rejoicing in the land.

The Lowe's installation guys installed our dishwasher this afternoon.  While they were installing our dishwasher, the five of us were sitting a few feet away at the eat-in kitchen table, having the Lice Lady search our hair for lice.  Because getting de-loused is not embarrassing enough. No, we need an audience of paid strangers.  ("Honey, you wouldn't believe this house I did an install at today, you gotta check my head...")

I am happy to report that the supposed nit found in Princess's hair by her preschool teacher was actually an overzealous interpretation of glitter.  Because I would lose my mind if we had lice again


  1. So glad you're lice free. The lice experience was one of the first blogs of yours that I read. I think I messages my mom after to tell her bc we had a similar experience growing up ;)

  2. Lice! (shudder). My daughter had it--it was awful. We don't buy hats from second hand stores anymore--not even cool purple wizard hats.

  3. Have never had the lice experience. Knocking on wood or whatever will keep that one away.

    And for what it's worth, I enjoy all the different things you write about here. I tend to follow blogs for the writing, not the topic.

  4. My daughter had lice twice! She was attending an after - school program at the time, and all the kids just threw their coats into a big pile every day. After the second break out I withdrew her from the program. I was drinking heavily and crying while combing out those nits, and COULD NOT go through it again. Thank God she has remained lice free ever since.

  5. Free in Southern California?

    Blog names are rough...


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