Tuesday, May 7, 2013

sneak peeks at the Master bedroom and Princess room

I have a gazillion little things to share with you, but I also have really terrible photographs. My camera is having some issues (like the autofocus won't work and the camera just shuts off by itself intermittently and won't take pictures, etc), so please bear with me while I learn how to manually focus my camera (and shut it off and on four hundred times to try and get it to take pictures again).  

What should we look at first?  How about some pictures of my master bedroom.  Remember the beautiful beige it was before?

We painted it Benjamin Moore's Evening Sky, which I am completely in love with.

You might recall that I was concerned that the window embrasure took up too much wall space so that I would not be able to hang my headboard, so I had the drywall guy build in part of the window seat, so that the wall ends right at the window, instead of a foot outside. 

Because I have never been to design school and spatial orientation is not my thing I did not realize that this would block the view of the window and make it look closed in and El Stupido.  Whatever, live and learn, its my stupid mistake and I'm stuck with it for a while.  I can always demo the part we just built but since I just paid for it I will live with it for now.  

Its still a nice window seat.

I especially love the view of my room from the hallway. 

I could swear that I had taken a picture of the hallway as it looks today--all painted white with black trim--but apparently not.  

I have not yet gotten the master bedroom under control (piles and piles and piles of things and the nightside tables are too big so one moved downstairs and nothing is put away), but I pulled out one of the old duvets that I ripped apart (sigh) and I think it looks super awesomely lovely in this space. 

There's also this going on in the Princess's room:

I LOVE how this dresser came out.  I painted it with Benjamin Moore's Your Majesty, which seemed fitting for a princess's dresser.  

I'm not sure if the rug is staying--there's kind of a lot going on in that room and it may be one pattern too many.  I hope to put up the castle decal next weekend.  I also have some fun butterflies for the canopy, although they have yet to show up in the sea of unpacked boxes.  

Little by little, folks.


  1. oooh love the peek into the princess room- so fun!

  2. Slow and steady wins the race. You will be fine.

  3. i'M inlove with that paint color too!!! looks so cool, classy and cozy! Princess dresser in lavander is awesome too!

  4. Love the drama of the paint in your master...should be great. And I'm in SERIOUS lust with the rug in your Princess's room. Source (please!)?

  5. I vote for the rug! I like all the color/pattern. It's not busy. Kinda Sophisticated Kid (if I were going to give the room a style name).

  6. LOVE that Evening Sky color. It's going to be fabulous.

  7. Kelly, the rug is the Beci Orpin Striped Tribal rug from Urban Outfitters, but its been discontinued.

  8. Princess is going to be mighty happy!

  9. The window is fine, more than fine if it gives you the opportunity to hang your headboard. If you put panels on the outside of it....the illusion will be fine. Love the rug in Princess's room.

  10. Her room looks so adorable! I love all the colors...definitely princess appropriate.


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