Wednesday, February 17, 2016

art for the formal dining room

In my New Year's rearranging the whole downstairs, I took the playroom (formerly the formal dining room) and turned it back into a formal dining room.  I'll have a post on this room coming up with furniture in it (I bought two chairs I'm waiting on), but for now, I'll just show you the art I created for the room.

We have tons of unused art in the closet, but nothing we already owned felt right in the spot.  I wanted to make something colorful myself, and I feel that we have more than enough splatter paintings at the moment.

I took a pair of large white Ribba frames that used to hold large photos of the boys, and painted the heavy board in the back.  I thought a pair of ladies would be nice.

Despite being un-religious, I love religious icon art and have a fair amount of it (not currently displayed).  I wanted to do something byzantine-ish. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, and I have zero sense of perspective and symmetry, so I decided early on that drawing a normal looking face probably wouldn't work for me.  I drew this lady first and intentionally gave her a Picasso-esque out-of-kilter face.  When Princess saw the face, she said "oh, hey, its a Picasso!"  Success, I say.

I am not immune to tinkering, and there is a possibility that Blue Headress lady might a get a pattern on her headdress at some point in the future.

I wanted a pair of ladies, but not identical, or even very similar, so for the second lady I gave her big hair and a closed face.  I kept the backgrounds the same blue to provide some cohesion to the pair.

She originally had some going-to-the-club eyelashes on, but it felt like a caterpillar, so now she's just wearing a demure bit of eyeliner. 


  1. Wow I love these. Much more interesting to look at than the splatter art. It's also great that your daughter knows Picasso and his style of painting. I hope you keep painting interesting art projects
    Kind Regards

  2. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous, Lisa! Perfect with the dining chairs, and I love that the ladies are so very different. And I too, am very impressed that your daughter knows Picasso!

    I've been toying with the idea of making some sort of art for our living room/office (we finally got a proper couch about a year ago, but the wall above is still bare). I go back and forth on using what I already have (a few unrelated embroideries which are too small in scale to be used on their own, so I'd have to try to find/make something to go along with those in order to make a gallery wall), or getting a big canvas and doing ... something ... (But I am so indecisive I will probably end up sitting on the fence for months (or years) to come, sigh).

    1. thank you, Marian! Princess is super smart :-)

      You should totally make your own art! I support this endeavor. Go for it!

  3. When my princess was about the age of yours, she told me that Picasso was her favorite artist. Clearly, the guy has some appeal for smart young girls. :-) I really like these paintings. I hope you keep painting and exploring this side of yourself. I know you're trained as a lawyer, but I can't help thinking of William Carlos Williams--who was both a poet and a medical doctor.

    1. I love painting, but it is difficult to find time for it, and supplies are so expensive. Painting actually works with the time confetti problem, when you have to wait for this part to dry before you layer on that part. But it also means that "oh, I'll just do that one part, I won't change into a painting outfit, I just need a minute....and now my nice outfit has paint on it...".

      I find that as I do more painting, I've gotten past the fear of failure, or this will look terrible. It is sort of like writing. Assume that your first draft will be awful and that you will just have to edit. Especially faces. I do faces many, many times before I think it looks not awful.

      I would love to have a painting studio with good light. Currently I am working in the garage, which does not have good light at all. Sadly, our guest bedroom has terrible light AND is frequently used as a guest bedroom, so the odds of getting a creative room is slim. (Did you know murphy beds are thousands of dollars? I was so disappointed to discover that.)

      Man, I have so many thoughts on being creative, I should turn this into a blog post.

    2. Yes, you should! I'd love to hear more of your thinking on this. I have to say, I love my little room for projects. Just wish I could find time to get in there. Time confetti, indeed.

  4. Love it, looked like Madonna (singer) in her early days and a nun(or similar - not to clued up on these things), nice counter balance.

    1. thanks, emba! My inspiration for the nun is actually a byzantine style painting of the Virgin Mary, so not too far off about the nun!


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