Thursday, February 4, 2016

Princess's room: new headboard and blanket

I seem to have gotten away from posting progress pictures.  I'd like to get back to it--no room in this house will be done anytime soon.  Budget and the discussion of moving to a different neighborhood (and laziness) have stalled much progress, but I think we are staying here for a I will continue to tinker with decorating here.

Last we saw the Princess's room on the blog, it looked like this:

I wasn't terribly excited about this room, but nor was my budget terribly inspired to do anything else in there, either.

In the last post about her room, I thought getting a navy blue headboard would solve all my design problems.  I bought an unfinished upholstered headboard from Target, and upholstered it in a plain navy fabric.

I didn't like it. I don't seem to have a picture of it. It was too dark, and my personal wish list of navy and white boho vibe did not match the Princess's preference for sparkly and pink.

I reupholstered it in a white fabric with silvery sunbursts.  That looked much brighter.

Then I got a pink and gold duvet from Target, but that didn't work out either. (The gold triangles on the duvet were actually pictures of has the impression of gold, but it is not gold. It is weird and not what I was expecting.)

Then a discontinued Pottery Barn Kids Quilt showed up on craigslist.

We like to accessorize with historical finger puppets. (I have video of Ben Franklin telling Frida that her outfit is "totes adorbs".)

I haven't figured out a window treatment yet.  Pelmet? Long curtains? Short curtains?


  1. Oh, I missed this one somehow? (Didn't come to my inbox...I dunno.) Anyway, I love seeing progress pics. I like seeing how things evolve for others. I think it tends to go this way for me, too. I find one thing, and that leads to a next thing. My design decisions are driven almost entirely by the forces you mention--what I find on sale, what shows up on craigslist, what I see in a thrift store. I really like that quilt and the headboard together, but you'd never have been able to mood board that.

  2. Yes! There are few rooms I actually do from-scratch mood boards for. Even when I make a mood board I'm starting with a few items I already have. I also seems to focus on one kid room per house. Either Princess will get a fully designed room in the beginning and then it will take two years to come up with something for the boys, or the boys get moved in fully decorated and then Princess's room languishes.

  3. So many little time. Not to mention books. :-)


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