Friday, April 22, 2016

the pink living room, in progress

I've been playing decor musical chairs lately.  The red in the living room went upstairs to my master bedroom, and all the pink in that room came downstairs to the living room.  I also rearranged the furniture, for the millionth time.

I've admitted before that furniture layout is just not one of my many talents.

Here's how it looked last, with the tv slightly blocking the window. Not the worst thing ever, but not the best, either.  If we were using this as a formal living room without a tv, as it was intended, it would be really easy to just plop a pair of chairs in front of the window and be done with it.

However, we are using the intended family room space as our dining room (see it here as a family room), so this front room is our living space with a tv.

And here it is, pinkish:

I like that the tv is finally out of the window.   I also like that instead of pink/navy dining room and red/navy living room sharing the same open space, I now have two pink/navy spaces.  It feels very open and spacious.

The only real problem with this setup is that there are no overhead lights in this space, and nowhere for lamps.  I tried the Drexel console behind the sofa, but it was too crowded.  I tried some candlestick lamps on the dresser on either side of the tv, but there wasn't enough space.

If I owned this house I'd install can lights and an overhead fan toot sweet, but, not my house.  Inadequate lighting remains.  

I took down the two large paintings that were on the wall behind the tv, because they have a lot of red in them.  I have an idea for some art that I hope to get to soon.  Although perhaps I should install plug-in sconces on either side of the tv instead?

The pink spraypainted lamps have a new life in the foyer with the pink splatter painting.  However, I need to hide the lamp cords, and fix the wonky harps (and take my phone off the table) before I put a full picture up.  

I frequently go to a local consignment store that is in a large, dark warehouse, and for weeks I have been admiring this pink houndstooth pillow.  I thought it had a nice ombre look to it, fading from light pink at the top to dark pink at the bottom.  I bought it for $12, and when I got home I realized that the "ombre" effect was actually sun damage.  Doh.  


  1. buying that cushion is something that I would do - I'm sad that these things happen to other people.
    The room looks a lot calmer the way you have it now. I look forward to seeing the new artwork
    Kind Regards

  2. I would not buy that cushion but I WOULD buy that awesome splatter art you have! The one with the reds and pinks and just a touch of blue, is awesome. :)

    1. thanks, I'm glad you like the splatter art!

  3. I like the new arrangement. Something about all this feels very "If you give a mouse a cookie" to me, though... :-)

    1. Yes, there is a real project creep going on here. The guest bedroom is crammed full of unused art and lamps and remaining detritus from the living room. Having lived with it for a week, I am enjoying the set up, but haven't figured out what sort of art to do around the tv. It will be fine eventually, right?


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