Monday, May 4, 2015

Switching charcoal and tan sofas; heat lamp

Last we saw the living room, it had a tan sofa in it.

And the family room in the back of the house looked like this:

Then I read this article, which perfectly pinpointed the problem I was having in decorating around a charcoal sofa with ugly beige walls (not enough white! lighter walls! more color! lighter floors!).

So I switched the sofas.  The beige sofa and navy tables look so much better in this room. (Although someone made a comment that the beige walls and beige sofa looks like "the Dockers of living rooms.")  It still needs art but I think I'm heading in the right direction.

that lampshade is driving me insane

The darker charcoal sofa looks better in the living room with all the red and white.

I gave up on trying to force the skinny tables with lamps in the living room, and decided to get a floor lamp instead.  I settled on this arc light.

Sadly, sitting on the sofa under this lamp makes me feel like a Happy Meal under a heat lamp.  Or a little old lady sipping pink lemonade while getting her weekly perm.

The arc light is going back to the store.  The search for some form of lighting in this space continues.  


  1. Love the switch. Isn't Maria great?

    1. Yes, she really knows her stuff--that article was an "aha!" moment.

  2. Love all the changes, except the one floor lamp that you don't like either. I have a pair of swing arm floor lamps that I use next to chairs in my family room. ( I have a son in a wheelchair, so furniture that fits up next to the wall works best. ) I can pull the light over next to me for reading, and put it back. I actually have mis-matched round tables next to the chairs now, but they looked okay to me without the tables.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I'll figure out lighting in there eventually. I hope.


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