Monday, May 18, 2015

Thrift store finds: lamps and a painting

This week I stopped at a consignment store, where I've been stalking a painting for about 8 months now.  I originally wanted the painting for the last One Room Challenge when I repainted my old bedroom white, but it was outrageously priced.  I kept an eye on it at the consignment store every time I stopped in, and the price came down slowly, but still not enough to buy.

I stopped in this week and it was on clearance! And I had a coupon!

It is a terrible rendition of Monet's Tulip Fields.  It's even signed by Monet at the bottom.

Regardless of its provenance issues, I really like the colors and the overall feel of the painting.  The colors work perfectly in the family room.

I also bought two lamps for the front hall.  When we moved, the  movers commented that we had an unbelievable amount of lamps.  I told them I have moved a million times and many rentals don't make the investment in overhead lighting, so I've needed lots of lamps.  Lo and behold, I'm yet again living in a house that has no overhead lighting (over the dining table is a chandelier, and it is the only overhead lighting in the house).  I have used every single lamp we brought with us.

I've been searching for a pair of tall white lamps for this spot since we moved in.  I found them at the consignment store while I was looking for the painting.

I'll be honest, I'm not terribly excited about white patent leather lampshades, and one of them has a stain on it (anyone know how to get black marker out of patent leather?).

I will replace them as soon as I find something else I like.

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  1. I have used nail polish remover to take black permanent marker off of plastic. I just "googled" and saw hints for dry erase marker, rubbing alcohol, and "citrus based adhesive remover"--Goo gone. All suggest try it in an inconspicuous spot. If it doesn't work, you could apply a stencil or a strip of fabric or ribbon, maybe?

    Love the art, and that you stalked it for the best price. Those navy tables look great in this location.


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