Friday, May 6, 2016

Pink pillows

Since moving all the pink stuff into the living room, I've been window shopping for pink pillows for the sofa.  Sadly, it appears that I like really expensive fabrics.  (Not really a surprise.)(Hence the window part of the shopping.)

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I recently bought a pair of these pillows from Amazon, but I would not recommend them. The ad on Amazon looks like this:

but the actual pillow cover is a garish neon pink, stamped-on, fuzzy polyester-ish material.  It looks cheap and tacky, and I am returning them.

Of the pillows I am considering in the list above, I really like the otomi-inspired pillow from

However, I am afraid that the zazzle pillow will be another stamped on cheap tacky pillow.

My other favorite is the number 14 Manuel Canovas Voyage en Chine:

I really love this fabric, expensive.  Also, expensive comes with a white back and no piping.  I have looked around, but the cost of getting a patterned back and piping really drives the cost of this pillow through the roof.  Sad face.

I have thought of making my own pillows, as I would really like just a plain pink pillow with a ribbon frame, like so (but not coral):

I can make pillows with an envelope closure, but zippers are beyond my skill set (and I don't own a zipper foot).

I have been looking for weeks for a plain pink pillow where I can just add the ribbon frame, but no dice.  Blush pink is very popular this year, as is coral, but a pinky-pink that is not bubble-gum or covered in butterflies is difficult to find.

Here are some possible combination of pillow (that might work with what I already own):

In the top row, I already own a similar pink houndstooth and the navy chevron.  In the bottom row, I also have the Ikea black and white Lappljung.  (The blue pompom pillow is from Target.)

Seen any beautiful inexpensive pink pillows lately?


  1. Hi Lisa,

    have you seen the pink otomi pillow at pottery barn - not sure if this is the pink you are looking for . I don't like their multi coloured option. Also, have you thought of making some pink pom pom to attach to you ikea pillow - that would look cute and only cost you the price of the wool . Hope you have better luck with the cusjions thatn you did with the lamps
    Kind Regards

    1. The pink otomi at PB is fuschia, I'm looking for more of a mid-range pink. And I don't like their multi-color one either--it seems very yellowy-orange, doesn't it? Its funny you mention the pompoms--I have been thinking of putting tassels on the Ikea pillow.

  2. I cannot do zippers either. I just hand stitch the bottom. If I want to change the pillow cover, I rip out the stitches, and do it again next time.

  3. Just read your post last night and received this offer in my inbox this morning. Sort of looks like some of what you're looking for and average price is $20-$34.

    Best of luck in your search - I know when I become certain I need something I spend countless, probably wasted hours looking for the perfect style and matching price. Currently black leather ankle boots....

  4. Wow ... what a disappointment!

    Yes, I do handstitching too - no zippers. It is quick and easy - I just did this on 9 cushions for a set of porch furniture - just one more cushion to go and I plan to tackle that tonight.

  5. I am also intimidated by zippers. Can you do button-holes? Conquering my fear of button-holes finally got me able to make my own pillow covers. They make up for my poor measuring skills, when it comes to the envelope pillow cover. Then, you could get exactly the fabric you want. I get down pillows from a thrift store, so that I have a nice-quality insert.

    I can see where I could easily become a pillow addict. There are so many lovely ones, and they are small...

  6. Just saw these pillows linked from another blog:

  7. Instead of a zipper, could you do an envelope fold? I do that on our pillows because I too lack a zipper foot. Envelope folds look neat and pretty, though they do require a bit more fabric.


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