Monday, June 11, 2012

The decorating and William Morris to-do list

I had a lovely weekend that was somewhat marred by tweaking my back YET AGAIN on Saturday night.  Sunday was spent not at the Rose Bowl Flea Market as planned, but doped up on muscle relaxers on a lawn chair in the driveway (klassy!), overseeing the Mister cleaning the garage.  I also attempted to spraypaint some picture frames, but apparently you shouldn't handle glass while on muscle relaxers, because you will end up needing band-aids and a new picture frame.  No worries, the Mister made me go sit on the couch after that.

In other exciting news, though, I found some really cheap tickets to NJ while I was laid up on the couch, so the kids and I have something to look forward to.

Since I have been summarily estopped from doing projects, I've been making up a list of what needs to be done around here, both decorator-wise and William Morris style.

I know this is not the most scintillating post, plus I can tell you that I am still doped up and thus anything I have written thus far or after may not be coherent, so feel free to check back tomorrow, when I hope to have a moodboard for my sister's nursery up.  Or not. Depends on how well the drugs work.

Window treatment
Clear off top of eat-in counter (it has been filled to overflowing since the day we moved in)
De-plastic-ify dishes and tupperware.

cull toys again
Window treatment over slider
Finish gallery wall--3 new frames, 3 new prints, spraypaint one frame
Find/make smaller play kitchen

Dining room:
Repaint and recover dining chairs
Possible different curtains
Possibly move lamps to master bedroom
Bring lamps out of garage

Living room:
Make round ottoman
Paint asian box
Find room divider
Organize Expedit

Find rug
Pictures over shoe cubby
Window treatment

Garage hallway:
Organize cabinets

Upstairs hallway:
Recover and repaint two chairs at desk
Hang pictures
Organize cabinets

Boys' room:
Hem curtains
Put some pictures in the frames hung over the beds
Organize closet
Out of season clothing to garage

Princess's room:
Bring out toddler bed
Sell crib
Hang art
Art project on closet doors
Organize closet

Master Bedroom:
see that list here
Organize both closets

Master Bathroom:
Find rugs
Shower curtain

Garage of Doom: goal is to be able to park one car in the garage.
Oy. Where to start.  Burn it all.
Sell Expedit, chest, sideboard.
Have Mr. go through remaining six boxes of junk.
Call professional shredding service when Mr. has gone through six boxes.
Go through everything on the Expedit.
Consolidate teaching materials.
Cull five decor boxes.  Try for three decor boxes.
Cull kids hand-me-down clothes.
Sell excess Rubbermaid bins.
Sell 8 folding chairs.
Sell single BOB stroller.
Sell double BOB stroller in six months.

Other William Morris Projects:
Organize art supplies
Find a place for office supplies
Organize photos (find photos!)
Clean up blog (needs more thought, but its long overdue)

Edited to add: linking up to Pancakes and French Fries's William Morris Project.


  1. That list totally gave me a headache and reminded me of my own list. Baby steps.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you didn't seriously injure yourself! Have you been to the Rose Bowl flea market yet? Emily Henderson always finds such great things there. I would love to visit. I'm a bit jealous that you found reasonable airfare to NJ. I've been looking for NY tix to see my sister, but they are ridiculously priced right not. PS - I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a crazy-long "to do" list!

  3. After seeing this list, I'd say: What, are you on drugs? But, of course, you are! :-) It's just the post-moving list. I think I finally felt moved-in about 9 months after we moved. It just takes time. Take care and get better. The list will be waiting when you're feeling up to it, you know?

  4. This list will probably take me till we move out. I am happy to report, however, that my back is feeling better.

  5. The never ending toy cull...feel for you. Hope the drugs do you good, and you're up and at 'em soon.


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