Sunday, September 17, 2017

purple bedroom inspiration

Recently Kristin at the Hunted Interior revealed her daughter's bedroom:

Hunted Interior

I absolutely love the bed (and her daughter's taste!).  The bed is modeled on the Ikea Kura bed, but is taller, and the sides are decorated with fabric.

We are not handy and are unlikely to build this bed.  However, we do like the cozy hangout under the bed and enclosing the space with curtains, so perhaps we will do our best to come up with something similar.

I put together a mood board based on Princess's request for a purple bedroom.

I have been hoarding a roll of red/purple/pink Anthropologie wallpaper (discontinued) for years, and I think I finally have a chance to use it.  I won't be able to put it on the bed like Hunted Interior did, nor do I have enough to wallpaper the whole room, but I think we could frame a few panels and hang them on the wall.

rug / dresser / pillow / lamp / curtains / bed


  1. Lisa, Welcome back and sorry to hear that it's been such an arduous journey. Hope you are feeling back to yourself soon. Of course, I was delighted to see you posting again and now back in NJ - full circle.

    I think the panels of wallpaper are a good idea and will suit you well when princess moves on from purple to orange, green, or blue.

    I look forward to see what you do in your new house!

    1. thanks for checking in! You're right, I'm reluctant to wallpaper or do anything permanent, because I'm afraid that in a year or two she will move on to the next color.

  2. We've had a series of elevated Ikea beds. They are awesome for the extra space, but such a pain to assemble (and disassemble and reassemble and disassemble and...) I like that Hunted Interior room, too--though it doesn't really seem like a room a kid would choose. I know sophisticated nurseries/kid rooms are all over the place, but I'm guessing most kids prefer garish and bold.

    1. Her daughter actually requested the bed and the fabric--but her mother is an amazing interior designer, so she must have inherited her good taste. I agree most kids are probably not choosing to the trade fabrics in their bedrooms.

      I would like to be rich enough that we no longer have to assemble our own furniture. As I am looking to buy two more Ikea dressers, that day has not yet arrived.


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