Friday, September 15, 2017

teal carpet begone: wood floors and a persian rug

In the last post I showed you the master bedroom and living room with pictures from the house listing.  The master had delightful teal carpet, and the living room had a worn and stained berber. Both carpet were installed in 1994 when the addition was built, so they were 23 years old.  We replaced both with red oak hardwood floors to match the floors in the rest of the house.

The master bedroom:


These are some fabulous quality pictures from the Mister's phone.  The good camera was unpacked recently, but not the battery charger, and now the rooms all have furniture in them, so....terrible phone pictures from a month ago will have to suffice.

The  living room before:

The living room after:

I also made my first foray into vintage rug buying on ebay.  I bought a 10x13 vintage persian rug, and it is beautiful.

It has the loveliest colors and design, and I think it will really make an impact in the room.

One caveat to buying a vintage rug on ebay: this rug is incredibly filthy.  When we rolled it out, we could feel dirt on the bottom, and a cloud of dust arose.  It got dust all over the floor around it in the room.  It isn't stained or visibly dirty, and it is in good shape, but I think that it was probably sitting in a warehouse (or outside?) for a while.  I'm having it sent out to be cleaned.  So...if you order a large rug online, be prepared to possibly pay $$$ to have it cleaned.  


  1. Love your floors and that rug. When we moved into our house it had old, stained, horrible carpet in every room. We had cork floors put in the main living areas and kitchen right away, and I'm so glad we did. Makes all the difference. Your rug is gorgeous. I honestly don't know how you've managed everything you have since July. You must be Wonder Woman.

    1. Thanks! Did you replace the cork with linoleum in your kitchen reno?

      I'm not Wonder Woman. She would have been smart enough not to break her neck, lol. My life for the last two months has been a lot of waiting around for other people to be my arms. I still have difficulty dressing myself. (But I'll take one useless arm over the amount of pain I was in, so, there's that.)

  2. Ah, I still think you're Wonder Woman.

    We have replaced the cork in the kitchen with cement board. Someday we're going to get tile on it, but school's started, so...We are the people who lived with a painted plywood bedroom floor for more than a year, so I wouldn't hold your breath. I'm sure not.


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