Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Guest Bedroom (In Progress) (Yet Again) (In A Different Room This Time)

After we swapped the boys room and the guest bedroom, the guest bedroom was looking rather sad.  The bedroom does not get a lot of light, unlike the previous room, and the navy blue curtains were making the room even darker.  I could have sworn I took a picture of the in-between, but I can't find it. Imagine a messy room with  navy curtains. 

Although the navy and green worked really well in the previous room, with a focal point of the horse painting over the bed, it didn't work that great in the new room.  I decided to move the horse painting and the Nate Berkus bedding into the master bedroom.  Without them, the room was feeling a little unfocused. 

This weekend I looked around the house to see what I had on hand that would work in the space.  I found some white sheer curtains in my curtain stash.  I moved the Pottery Barn duvet into the guest bedroom, pulled some art and a mirror out of the closet, and voila, reasonably attractive guest bedroom again. 

Even though the Klimt print is probably not what I would buy today, given the choice, I do like the colors, and I note that the yellows, reds, and purples work pretty well with the yellows, pinks and purples in the duvet.  Even if my tastes have evolved I am apparently still drawn to the same stuff over the course of a decade. 

Every bedroom in this house has these shiny eighties brass mirrored closet doors, which I would replace, but they are such good quality and slide so easily, I feel like it would be a waste of money.

I didn't buy anything for this room; everything was stuff I already had on hand. In compiling the list of where stuff was from, I realized nearly everything in here was from our apartment in Fort Lee. 

Green blanket - Target a few years ago, was in our master bedroom three houses ago
Duvet - Pottery Barn, from our last house
Mirror - Homegoods, used to be in Princess's bedroom two houses ago
Billy bookcases - Ikea, were used as the game cabinets and stair landing library
white sheer curtains - Ikea, from our living room three houses ago
lamps - Crate and Barrel, three houses ago


  1. I had that 80s brass on a fireplace, and had great success spray painting it. I would suggesting sanding it a bit and using a spray primer before painting, but I bet it would turn out great! My mom has had long term success spray painting shiny brass door knobs, and I'd think that this would perhaps be similar.

    Oh, and the room looks bright and pretty :)


    1. thank you, Wilma! You're right, I think spray painting the brass would be the most cost effective solution.

  2. I feel like these mirrors might be great candidates for o'verlays... Would add pattern and depth.

    1. !!!!!! What a fabulous idea! *runs off immediately to the O'verlays website*

  3. I love that duvet and all the light you get in the room. I bet you could tone down that shiny brass, at least antique it if it bothers you.

    1. Its pretty far down on the list (its not bothering me enough to do anything about it, so far), but I'll probably get around to it eventually.

  4. wow, you really like to change things up.
    It's great to see your energy at work.
    Overlays for the mirror sound fantastic. If they are too expensive, could you stencil the mirror ?
    Kind Regards


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