Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Boys Room: eyeballs, bandaged

At last count, the bleeding eyeballs poll stood at 15 for and 63 against.  I pulled out the curtains stash from the garage and started looking for other options.

The obvious option were the navy blue curtains from the previous incarnation of the guest room.

It looks fine.  A little dark.

It "matches".  And I don't like it.  It is like any other little boy bedroom; there is nothing special about it.  There is no tension, no impact.

To be honest, I'll probably put the bleeding eyeball curtains back up. (As soon as I feel like moving the beds, taking down all the curtains, removing all the curtain hooks, re-hooking the other ones, and climbing back up on the ladder.).  I like the other curtains just fine; I would like a curtain with a pattern and a white background, and I already own them. The boys don't care at all about their curtains.  I have gotten a great deal of flack about the lack of art in their room, but zero reaction to the myriad of curtains and blankets that have graced their room.

I also took out the black side table acting as a temporary nightstand and replaced it with a Hemnes nightstand.  They boys wanted to each have their own drawer for their stuff, so this worked nicely.  I spraypainted the provided knobs red.

I hope to replace the curtains with something like this in the future:

or this:

Let the criticism begin! 


  1. I liked the green, leafy curtains, and vigorously voted 'Not Bleeding'. They were bright and happy.
    That said, the curtains with the red stripe... Yesss.

  2. i liked the leafy ones, too! i think you do what you like and who cares about what people think- it's your house! the leafy ones were fun and playful but somewhat grown up, too! out of the new choices i'd go red to bring out the red bowties in the photos.

  3. I would go with whatever you like - the madras and leafy curtains together were not my cup of tea.

  4. If you change the direction of the blinds so they aim the light up at the ceiling, it won't seem so dark. I like the Navy blue but a fun Rugby stripe would be awesome, maybe you can paint some light drop cloths for a cheap alternative.

  5. What about the yellow and white striped ones? You know those are my faves.

  6. I like all your upcoming curtain ideas. It's cute how the navy and red in the curtains and nightstand accentuate their blazers and bowties.

  7. I think either of your curtain choices would look great. I agree that some pattern would give the room energy and keep it from looking like any other boy bedroom. (And for the record, my eyeballs were never bleeding!)

  8. I laughed when I read the title of your post. If you love the curtains, who gives a fig what the interwebs say? FWIW, I dig the nightstand AND both of the other curtain options. I think the stripes would be a cinch to stitch up.

  9. If you don't like it, then it goes. Done.

  10. I still say that it doesn't really matter what we think. We can give you our opinions, great, but in the end it's your home so do what you love. Of the new choices I like the red and white best, but both are sharp.


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