Monday, June 16, 2014

Earring and necklace corner

I have been looking for a place to put my necklaces and earrings where I could see them. A few months ago I bought this hanging organizer, which has pockets for earrings on one side and velcro tabs on the other side for hanging necklaces.  It hung in my closet for a while, but that was annoying and generally useless. I decided that the empty corner behind our bedroom door would be a good place to spread out.

My necklaces are now hanging on a row of pegs that I took from the entryway of our garage.  The earrings remain in the hanging organizer, but I will be perusing pinterest to see what other solution I can DIY. (Like this, perhaps?)

I bought the girl painting at a church rummage sale in Delaware for $7 when I visited my family in April.  Of course, that meant I then had to get her back to California.  She came with a reasonably nice frame that I hoped to refinish, but the frame fell apart when I packed her for shipping.  For now she is just hanging out unframed, staples and all.

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