Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paint projects to finish before the end of 2014

I've drawn up a list of things to do before the end of this year.  There are a few large painting projects that need to be done, and I have been avoiding them, because they look like a lot of work.

1. Paint the kitchen cabinets.  I have gotten estimates for renovating the kitchen, so I'll talk all about the future plans for the kitchen in another post.  For the moment, I am going to paint the cabinets.

2. Paint the front walkway wall.  Previously, this wall was covered in ivy.  Ivy that was housing vermin.  We ripped it down, but it left its mark on the wall and trim.

It isn't terrible from the street, but up close it looks awful.

I love my painter, but he wants me to pay him $35 an hour to "appropriately prepare" the surface for painting by using a blow torch and water spritzer to burn out those few thousand dead fern thingys.  I THINK NOT. My cunning plan is to just paint over all the fern thingys on the stucco walls myself.

3. Paint the front door.

I don't need HOA approval for painting the walkway wall because I am simply repainting it in the current color, but to change the color of the front door I need to submit my request to the HOA two weeks prior to the next meeting, so....I need to get on with the paperwork. I am between a happy tomato red or a happy sunshine yellow.

4.  Paint the stripe on the back wall where we tore down the termite-riddled patio cover.

5. Strip the paint on the tile counters.  Find the idiot who perpetrated this crime on humanity and give them a stern lecture of the appropriate use of latex paint.

Here's hoping that writing it down will inspire me to put my painting clothes on and get to work.  

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