Wednesday, August 27, 2014

off center windows: hide them or display them?

When our house was built it was originally five bedrooms, with the fifth bedroom on the main floor, where our family room is.  At some point many years ago, someone tore down the wall that separated the eat-in area from the bedroom.

In the picture below the wall would have been between the steer and the curtains.

 This gives us a nice open layout, but it also makes the window placement....a little off.

The window placement makes sense if you know that the only window in the entire 12x26 foot space was originally centered in the former bedroom.  If you don't know that, you think, yikes, that window is SO OFFCENTER.  It is even more offcenter when seen in conjunction with the tv directly across from it.

In order to bring some balance to this space, I hung the curtains very high and verrrrry wide.  One one side the rod is about six inches from the window.  As you can see in the below picture, on the other side the rod is hung about three feet from the window.

Lately I have been debating doing away with the curtains completely.  The sofa always ends up pushed up against the wall, trapping the curtains behind it, and it just looks a mess, no matter how often I fluff or pull the sofa out.

If I take out the curtains, that puts the off-center window noticeably off-center behind the sofa.  (I have tried rearranging the room but the executive power exercised a veto.  Layout with sofa in front of the window staring at the tv is to remain as is.) I can put a nice pelmet or roman shade in the window, but there is no getting around the off-center problem.

Could you live with an off center window without trying to hide it?  Would you walk into someone else's house and see that and think "oh dear, you gotta fix that"?  

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