Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marble: probably not going to use it again

I've heard that marble is a fragile, easily stained material.  I'll tell you those rumors are true.  I don't think I'll ever choose to put marble on a horizontal surface  in my home again.

Here is the powder room vanity with marble countertop.  It is not noticeably damaged at first glance.

However, after two weeks of use, the marble is stained and scratched. Some large something was put on the surface (I don't know what), and it left a large circular stain.

A soap bottle fell over and spilled some soap on the counter and I didn't notice it for a while, so it left a big stain.  I bought a tray to keep any errant falling-over soap bottles from staining the marble, but the tray scratched the counter.

Even water stains marble--I'm constantly in this bathroom wiping up after people wash their hands.

It looks pretty, but it is too much work for me.

Do you have marble?  Love it or leave it?


  1. Interesting. I've always heard marble was a prima donna--but no one ever mentoned details. Thanks for that. I am actually not fond of marble visually.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Lisa, I have been contemplating using it in my kitchen remodel. I know it will not withstand the sort of spills my family can create. I love the look with the brass faucet though.


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