Friday, April 17, 2015

One Room Challenge: playing catchup

The One Room Challenge started three weeks ago.  In the past three weeks I gave myself a concussion, packed up  our house, moved (all while the Mister was traveling), unpacked, and sprained my neck/back again (one head injury is not enough for this girl, I like a challenge).  I decided that I had enough on my plate and I'd catch the ORC next time around.

But then yesterday this rug fell in my lap and I decided, well, why not?

I'm going to be decorating my new bedroom.  It currently looks like this:

The walls are an inoffensive beige that I'm not excited about but am not allowed to paint (actually, they were just painted from heinously offensive beige to inoffensive beige, so they are actually a step up), so I will work around them.  Almost all the furniture and lamps are staying.  This project is really just a zhushing of fabrics and textiles.

Now I just need the Mister to get home and get this giant heavy 10x13 rug out of the trunk of my car so I can get started.

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  1. Girl! Give up the goods on that rug???!!!! You GOTTA have a story about it!
    Your fellow ORC participant,

    1. thanks, Daena, but its not a terribly exciting story---it just popped up on craigslist for cheap.

  2. Hooray--I am so glad we get to see you decorate. That is a lovely new space. Take care of yourself--no more injuries, please.

  3. Looking forward to living vicariously. :-)

  4. Hope there's no more accidents as you proceed in the One Room Challenge. Best of luck! You have a gorgeous space to work with.


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