Friday, November 20, 2015

two One Room Challenge highlights

I didn't participate in the One Room Challenge linking party this time around, but there were two rooms in the designer version that totally knocked my socks off.

The first is this amazeballs living room at The English Room.  I literally gasped when I saw this room.  And immediately sent the link to my husband with the comment "next house!!"

The art in this room is just SO GOOD.  

I'll point out that this room hits pretty much all of my major loves--white walls, colorful textiles, beautiful curtains, jewel tones, tons of art, colorful built-ins/trim.  It is the complete antithesis of my crappy little beige rental.  Go see all the views and angles of the room here.  It is just too good.

The other one that made me sit up and say WHOA is this fabulous room from Hi Sugarplum!

Again, white walls, colorful textiles, brass, vibrant jewel tones, great art.  I love everything about this room....I started to list them but then I listed everything.  So...its all good.  Seriously, though, imagine living in this room.  Makes my heart go pitter-pat.

That art, those drapes, that rug.  Awesome.  See the entire room here.

Next house, guys, next house.  It looks like we should be in this Sad Beige House for another 18 months.  I am saving my pennies for an amazing next house.  For now, these are totally pinned to my someday house pinterest list.


  1. These are so you. So, so you. They make me smile, they are so vibrant and happy. I love the wall of art in the first image. Here's to dreams of next houses.

    1. Thank you Rita--I'm glad you see my design sensibilities as vibrant and happy!

  2. These rooms are so great. I know you have done the one room challenge yourself, but have you ever thought about teaming up with another blogger that would like a huge challenge of doing the one room challenge on a budget. They would have to be work with the restrictions you have in the rental house - beige walls and small budget to try to give you something that will make you happy happy happy or at least happier . I think it could work and you could do some great copycat art that would pull it together with some big colours. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you
    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks Cathy! I would love to hire a designer for the next house, and I hope to. I don't want to spend any money on this house, and I don't plan on staying here after my kids age out of this school (next year). I am saving all my pennies for the next one.


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