Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Room Challenge, Week Five: the tv wall and the ottoman

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments last week. I'm sorry I haven't responded to everyone, but I love reading your comments and I appreciated every single one.

This is week Five of the One Room Challenge--only one more week!  See past weeks here: Week 1 (moodboard)Week 2 (curtains)Week Three Part 1 (art options), andWeek 3, Part 2 (splatter painting), and Week Four (bookshelves).  

Our living room is 12 x 11, with a fireplace and a full wall of windows along one side.

The obvious place to put a tv in our living room is either over the fireplace, or along the only wall that isn't full of windows.  I don't mind the tv over the fireplace look, but we decided to put the tv across from the sofa on the far wall.  Here is that wall shortly after we moved in:

You can read about how the campaign dresser I planned on putting in that spot was stolen during the move.  I decided to work with the furniture that we had, which were the small Expedit and two Billy bookshelves.

The underbelly of the Expedit is a tangled mess of cables and electronic stuff we need but I cannot identify.  So I wouldn't have to look at this horror, I convinced my mother to make a skirt for the Expedit, using this tutorial.  I considered a gorgeous cobalt blue velvet for this project, but settled for the $5 a yard polyester.

At first, the polyester skirt had a "conference table at a hotel" air about it.  We trimmed the skirt with a greek key trim, which made it a bit fancier. 

The skirt has a flap in front that lifts up so we can access the shelves underneath.

I wrapped the same navy blue fabric around the foam board pieces in the back of the bookshelves.  I think it really makes the white and red pieces stand out.  

I also found a round ottoman for the living room. 

You might remember a few weeks ago I found a round leather tufted ottoman at the home consignment store, but it was more than I wanted to pay.  I stalked it for a few weeks, and then one day it was no longer there, so I assumed it had been sold.  Two weeks ago I was browsing the home consignment store when I came upon the same ottoman in a different corner of the store, upside down on top of a table.  After some haggling with the store owner, the ottoman came home with me.  

Sadly, the ottoman was in the house all of three minutes before the kids plucked buttons out of the tufting.  Ergo the yellow tray covering up the damage.

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  1. wow- the tv wall looks amazing- so much better! the skirt is perfect and loving the darker color in the bookcases!

  2. It is really getting that attention to detail Lisa! Love how it is coming together. Best of luck with the finale!

  3. You are very clever with your solutions and reuse of what you have! Nice!

  4. Love the ottoman! Great skirt to pull it all together!

  5. I love the backing of the bookcases. It really shows off your styling well.
    Had to laugh at your kids plucking off the buttons. Kids.

  6. Great find with the ottoman.
    I have a wonderful quote my Dad used his entire life,

  7. Nice job on the backs of the bookcase!! The ottoman is very should get better with age. Battle scars and all!

  8. Very clever to hide your 'stuff' behind the skirt. Kids and pets won't let you have anything new in the house for long before they leave their mark. It's just part of having a home.

  9. Your room is really looking finished! That skirt to cover the components is a great idea! Love all the pops of color! Can't wait for the big reveal!

  10. boy does that make a difference?! wow - great job!

  11. Your room is really coming along! I love the blue skirt you make to cover the entertainment unit. The greek key accents is a nice touch. I like the way you styled your bookcases, too! Well done!

    Looking forward to see the big reveal next week! I know your living room will look wonderful.


  12. What a clever way to handle the cables. I never would have thought of it, but it's perfect and looks great! Your room is looking fantastic -- you've done so much, Lisa!

  13. Read your story about the missing furniture - odd! But I love the progress thus far and I laughed about your kids and the ottoman!

  14. I love a good skirted table!! This looks great with the greek key!! And, don't we love how our children help our design!! They just knew your ottoman needed a good TRAY!!!

  15. Everyone has a husband who is handy or a mother who sews...what's up with that? Talk about "that's not fair"...I sound like my kids. Anyway, it looks polished and clean. You styled the shelves so well. Can you hot glue the buttons back on? Good score.

  16. Love your blog and side comments! SO funny and reminds me of my house. Keep it up, I look forward to this blog. I am also trapped in N. Jersey

  17. I love the navy! I have the same horse on my navy shelves too, but I need a little styling help. Your shelves look great.

  18. The skirted table looks great, the blue looks great with the Greek key trim too!

  19. I love the changes! Everything looks so good and what a great solution for the messy TV parts! They gallery wall in the playroom also looks fabulous! Your house is totally coming together!


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