Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Room Challenge, Week Three, Part 1: art options

The space above the fireplace is enormous:

I pondered that space for quite a while.  While my art collection is extensive (cough check in the garage cough), we don't have anything of the size needed for that space.  

I thought of doing some type of gallery wall, like our old West Elm art wall, or a large grid of frames with some homemade art, but it wasn't really speaking to me.  I wanted ART.  REALLY BIG ART.

Unfortunately, REALLY BIG ART costs an arm and a leg, and I have a wee small budget.  I thought about this piece:

but at $499 it was much more than I wanted to spend.  (Actually, it was $499 plus tax plus $130 shipping plus $60 oversize package fee...uh, no.)

The Mister and I LOVE vintage travel and advertising posters.  However, we couldn't agree on one that we both wanted. I lobbied hard for this one (look at the colors! Its perfect for the living room!):

but the Mister said we had enough naked people art. (I would point out that French Viking Man is wearing some kind of loin-covering item and furry cape thing and is thus not naked.)  That one was vetoed by the management.  

We both agreed on this vintage ad:

but again, after framing the print was not only $500+, but was also bigger than Art.com would ship.

Then, I discovered Walls 360--you can find vintage travel and advertising posters AS STICKERS.  Giant wall stickers!  For cheap!  The Cognac Jacquet sticker in a 48 x 72 size was $134, which is a great price for really big art.  I nearly pulled the trigger on this one.

Despite loving all these options, I didn't pick any of them.  Check back tomorrow to see what I did.


  1. I had seen poster stickers recently and thought it was a really good idea, especially for the price.

  2. Ooh, it's like a cliffhanger!


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