Tuesday, February 26, 2013

dining room with painted hutch or wall of photos?

So, suppose you had a dining room that had room for your long-anticipated wall of photos that you have been lusting after ever since India Hicks did it in her house in Domino?  But there was only room for a wall of photos, OR a fabulous painted hutch, but not both? Which would you do?

A wall of photos, because holla, awesome!

(I will add that I will never have a rug in my dining room till my children are grown and left the house, but I dig this rug, not that its big enough for a dining room, but you get the idea, yes?)

Or a beautifully painted hutch, because holla, awesome!

Or would you dither in indecision for months?  (I would.)

Light fixture (via this image, I don't have a source for the fixture, I'm sure its to the trade, but I WANT)
Boerum dining table
Marais A chair in gunmetal
Campaign dresser via Natty By Design Shop
India Hicks's dining room


  1. I say hutch :)


  2. I vote for the hutch as well.. You could do a modified version of the photo rails above the hutch, but I think a whole wall of stacked photos is very visually cluttered.

  3. Hutch. But that's entirely personal. Coming from a highly dysfunctional family, the last thing that would encourage my good digestion at meals is staring at those damn people. ;)

    Also, the dust.

  4. I vote for the HUTCH too! I love the color and how it relates to that gorgeous rug! I would incorporate a grouping of portraits above the hutch "gallery style" with possible wall sconces as well? Just a thought. Can't wait to see the finished room!

  5. Ha! I love Kelly's answer.

    I love the wall of photos, but with three kids I'd go for the storage.

  6. Definitely hutch! I love painted furniture, and you can always add photos above or a scaled down version somewhere.

  7. Wall of pictures. Dining rooms are so boring. Putting another heavy piece of furniture is stupid - but tons of visual interest with photos is a lot more fun.

  8. Compromise: Hutch plus pictures.

    Can you do a Kate Spade and "wallpaper" another space with photos? Does it have to be the dining room?


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